As a traveler, your primary objective is to experience the best of the city you’re visiting. Especially when you book a flight to NYC, the most iconic city in the US, you need to plan and map out the places you want to visit. Start out by outlining the list of scenic spots and famous landmarks you want to visit in New York. Next plan out activities to do. It could include watching Broadway musicals, going to the cinemas, riding a ferry in NY Harbor or going pedicab riding in Central Park. These are all good ideas to do in the city, but, to get a real taste of New York, you must eat!

Food is the gateway to another country’s culture. And, with the ethnic diversity of New York City, you will become exposed to a medley of different dishes. You’ll be able to discover for yourself how the city is strongly influenced by various cultures, learning why New York is called “The Melting Pot”.

The city has a wide variety of food reflecting the people who live in it. Several chefs of different backgrounds use their own set of ethnic cooking styles and traditions to let the people have a little taste of the food back in their own country. They use a range of different spices not common in the Americas to make their dishes. It is what makes the food culture in New York so rich.

Folks from all over the world gather in New York to experience the assortment of cuisines found in the boroughs of Manhattan. The Upper West Side restaurants, in particular, have many recognisable cuisines, catered to the varied tastes of every person who comes through their doors.

You can find absolutely anything and everything here. There’s no end to the diversity you can catch in this part of Manhattan.

Here are some of the cuisines you can try when you are in the area:

  • American. Of course, there will be restaurants which specialise in American cuisine. Many of the restaurants are steakhouses and grills that have a reputation for their homemade signature sauces.
  • Italian. Several restaurants in the area are serving authentic Italian cuisine, using only the freshest ingredients to make their pasta and pizza doughs.
  • German. German influence can be seen through the many New York delis scattered around the Upper West Side. Delis are an intrinsic part of American living. They serve up cold cuts in freshly toasted buns.
  • Chinese. There are a few restaurants on the Upper West Side that deliver authentic Chinese cuisine. These restaurants have perfected the Cantonese cooking style and have brought it to New York to share their heritage.
  • Jewish. Kosher restaurants have become popular in the vicinity because they offer a healthier alternative to the people. They can be direct competitors of Western cuisine when it comes to a grilled steak.  

These are just some of the most famous cuisines you can try when you reach the Upper West Side.