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How meditation brings peace to your life?

In this busy work schedule, people no doubt earn money to make their lives better but where is the peace of mind? People are suffering from a lot of diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, imbalanced hormones.  Have you ever thought what the main reason behind this is? Lack of peace of mind, stress, are the main reasons for such diseases. Changing your lifestyle by simply adding 10 minutes of meditation to your every day routine will be helpful.

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You might be thinking what is meditation and how could it be helpful?

Meditation is basically a practice performed by a person where he focuses his mind over a particular object, thing or an activity. It is been practiced since ancient times. You might have gone to many temples and watched lord Shiva, Gautama Buddha, Buddhist monk swami Hsuan Hua sitting in a posture of meditation. A long time ago, this art was practiced by saints to get the peace of mind.  They used this art to focus their minds on God.

Later on, it was practiced by yogis. Many religions have mentioned about this spiritual art in their holy books. Nowadays, meditation is practiced by many people for reducing their stress levels. Their main aim is to get rid of anxiety, depression and get some peace of mind. Research is still on to know how meditation is such an effective tool to combat such harmful diseases. Such researches have shown positive results without any significant reason or logic. Scientists believe that meditation is helpful in the following ways:

         Decreases stress levels: It is proved that meditation reduces stress. When a person is physically or mentally stressed cortisol (a stress hormone) releases inflammations that promote chemicals known as cytokines. Study of eight weeks found that a person who performed meditation every day has reduced stress levels than other persons who did not perform. Researches also showed that meditation also improved conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia whose main cause is stress.

         Helps in controlling anxiety: If meditation can help in decreasing stress, surely it can help in controlling anxiety. Anxiety and stress are however related to each other. There was eight-week research performed on 18 students that showed meditation has helped them in controlling various phobias, their anxiety levels in tough situations. Meditation can also be very helpful for doctors and nurses as they have to face many panic situations in their daily lives.

         Fighting with your addictions: Many anti-drug centers use this effective tool of meditation for their patients. They ask their patients to do meditation on a regular basis so that they can easily fight with their drug addictions. Researches show that meditation helps in increasing willpower and control anxiety. Meditation also helps in controlling their impulses and emotion and in controlling your random food cravings which may keep you healthy.

         Helps you in having a better sleep: In this stressful work era, 7 out of 10 people are unable to sleep properly. Diseases like insomnia are merely caused due to lack of peace of mind. Studies prove that meditation decreases stress and provide peace of mind that helps you in sleeping better without any tensions.

         Helps in lowering blood pressure: High blood pressure or hypertension can be seen in many people nowadays. The main reason for hypertension is stress, a situation when person cannot handle a situation patiently and starts to panic which causes hypertension. Therefore, rather than typing the strings “doctor’s clinic near me”, search for a quiet place to perform yoga and you will be astounded by the results.



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