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How iOS 8 Features will transform your iPhone

As it is clear from the name, extensions permit apps to enlarge their functionality to many other apps in IOS 8. These extensions still suffer from a lot of restrictions to preserve long battery life and to remain apps secure, as Apple being Apple iOS 8. There are also so many other awesome features of iOS 8 .There will be 6 different kinds of extensions, which app developers can create:

iOS 8 Features

IOS 8 Share extensions

These extensions provide will allow you in sharing information from 1 app, like photos or links, for an internet service. This was already obtainable, but just for internet services, particularly selected by Apple, like Facebook or Twitter. In recent times, it will be open to any internet service, like Pinterest or Tumblr.

IOS 8 Widgets

Presently, widgets or extensions are those, which sit in the notification center of the iOS device. In fact, these will be capable of showing restricted information, like sports scores, as well as basic functionality, like raising the bid of an ecommerce store.

IOS 8 Photo editing extensions

These extensions allow you in editing pictures in the major Photos app devoid of exiting an app. With these extensions, you will be capable of utilizing picture editing features from apps, like VSCO Cam for editing the pictures in the main camera roll. Once you edit a picture, the Photos app will remain both the original as well as the edited versions.

IOS 8 Action extensions

These types of extensions are the most appealing of the extensions and include the most prospective to alter how you use iOS Handy. These permit apps in manipulating or viewing content in any other app.

IOS 8 Storage provider extensions

These types of extensions permit apps in selecting documents from a number of services, like iCloud, Dropbox or Microsoft’s OneDrive, but with the help of a document picker.

IOS 8 Custom keyboard extensions

Custom keyboard extensions assist you in moving from the default keyboard. Rather than, you can make use of third party extensions, like popular Swype or Flesky Keyboards.

A lot of these extensions offer functionality, which has been the norm in windows or Android based Smartphone devices and that users not at all imagined in the walled lawn, that is, an iOS operating system. But Apple lastly has carried out these features in its operating system, but not devoid of placing limitations on how these extensions function.

Article by kasper who blogs about technology on many other blogs. As technology is the only thing which changes so fast that inspired me to blog on Technology an awesome human invention at iOS 8 News.

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