How Can Brands Effectively Use Influencers?

For eons, companies have used marketing strategies and advertisements to influence the buying decision of the customer. However, the surge of social media challenged all the conventional methodologies. Today, you will notice the rise of vloggers and bloggers, known as influencers. These people have a huge fan following and can influence the buying decisions of those who follow them. The rise of social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube has played a key role in influencers’ popularity. And this is the reason they are challenging the conventional promotional and influencing strategies followed by the companies.


As per the latest reports of Linqia:

In 2017, out of 86% of the marketers who used influencer marketing, 92% found it useful.

44% of marketers aim to use influencers to make their digital channels fruitful.

Such big numbers showing their inclination towards using the influencers shows how important the influencers are for the marketers.

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Let us understand the different ways marketers can use influencers :

  • They can use it to establish brand image- Popular influencers have a huge fan following. And the best part is that their positive or negative comments drastically affect their followers’ buying decisions. Companies can use marketers to promote their products or services and gain credibility in the market. You would have often seen promotional videos showcased by influencers; it can be about a cosmetic brand, consumer goods, etc. These influencers leave a product review, followed by thousands of people.
  • Influencers can establish a personal connection with the customer- There is no better way to promote a brand or product than establishing an emotional relationship with the customer. Influencers make this task easy.
  • Influencers are revenue generators- Whenever marketers invest in a marketing strategy, they want it to give them returns. Considering the conventional marketing method, they may be revenue-generating but not that quick. When it comes to influencers, they help boost conversions and increase sales. You would have often noticed companies using influencers to unbox their new product or services. This is done every month, or companies may opt for a different time frame based on the product. The crux of the matter is that the influencers have a strong and direct impact on the customer. They establish one-to-one connection, which has a greater effect on conversion rate than other methods.
  • They are a great channel for boosting brand awareness- If you are willing to create instant brand awareness and create a brand recall, then influencers can be beneficial. They make your brand look more authentic, thus establishing an instant connection with the customers. Many companies and big names are making use of influencers. They have a strong fan following, and their followers trust their opinions, points of view, and decisions. Thus, influencers become beneficial for the companies who are looking to generate brand awareness.
  • Influencers are trust builders- As per Neilsen’s report, the reviews by friends and their recommendations play a key role in influencing the buying decision. Influencers also have a similar effect. They create a huge fan following based on their followers’ trust and the ingenuity of their opinions. Marketers can use this power of flivvers to propagate their product and build confidence.


The crux of the matter is that influencers choose modern-day marketing strategies. They help in building trust, garner attention, and generate brand awareness. For companies who wish to gain the maximum benefit out of social media platforms and marketing channels, influencers will play an integral role.

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