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How Businesses are Changing and Incorporating Different Types of Delivery Services


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Businesses in the UK are continuing to offer faster delivery times to make receiving your parcel quicker than ever. With new technological advancements, the number of different delivery options businesses offer has already increased tenfold over the last decade.

So how are businesses changing and what different types of delivery services are they incorporating?

Next day

Most businesses now offer a next day delivery service.  With a standard delivery taking between 5-7 working days to arrive many customers opt to pay a little extra for a next day delivery service which guarantees their new purchase will arrive the following day. Although, next day comes at an extra cost it’s a great perk for businesses. A lot of companies have a cut off time that you have to have made your order by to receive next day delivery with some recently having extended this up to 12pm.

Same day

There is a huge demand for same day delivery and many companies are attempting to rise to the challenge. One of the internet’s biggest downfalls is that people now expect everything to be with them at the click of a button from food to clothes and music. This demand for immediacy is something that as of yet businesses have not managed to satisfy however retail giants Amazon have started offering a same day delivery service so it’s only a matter of time until other businesses follow suit. Same day delivery could be hugely damaging to offline shopping on the high street and smaller online businesses who may struggle financially to offer such a service.

Express delivery

Many businesses now offer an express delivery option which is much faster than your standard delivery but not as quick as next day. Express delivery can take around 2-3 days to arrive on average and is a popular alternative for those who don’t want to pay as much for next day but, would still like their deliverywithin 7 days.

Businesses are having to change their delivery methods offered as the big e-commerce sites keep coming up with better and quicker delivery methods which they’re trying to compete with. With companies like Parcel2go who offer a comparison of all the leading couriers you can find the best possible service at the cheapest price, it’s now easier than ever to offer better delivery times and solutions to your customers to be able to keep up.

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