How Are You Protecting Your Eyes?

Eye protection is important in many settings, Alienation, and for many reasons. However, advances are always being made in the eye health world, and there’s still no reason to neglect your eyes. Proper eye care is about more than just getting regular eye exams.

Your eyes can easily be harmed or damaged, even in everyday situations. When you are in a position that could even further risk damage to your eyes, extra protection is needed. Here are some tips for keeping your eyes safe.

How Are You Protecting Your Eyes?


Sun And UV Protection

Protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun is important, and the best way to do that is with a good pair of sunglasses. Regular glasses are usually coated with UV protection as well, but it can be fun to shop for sunglasses, prescription or not.

If you wear prescription glasses and don’t relish the idea of switching between your regular glasses and your sunglasses, you can invest in transition lenses, which darken with the UV rays of the sun and lighten back up when you go indoors.


Protecting Them On The Job

When you work at a job where you may have chemicals splashing into your face or debris of any kind possibly getting into your eyes, you have to wear eye protection. If you’ve ever had something foreign in your eye, even shampoo, you know it’s excruciating. But it can do more than hurt; it can also permanently damage your eyesight.

Even hobbies in your own home can risk the health of your eyes. If you do any metal or woodwork, you should be using eye protection. Simply wearing glasses isn’t enough. They need to be protective eyewear made to keep things from getting in above, below, and even on the sides.

Protecting Your Eyewear Investment

A lot goes into picking the right glasses, from your frames to what type of lenses. Glasses are truly an investment, and even with insurance replacing them, if they are lost or broken will likely be an out-of-pocket expense. Once you’ve put hundreds of dollars into your glasses (even with the help of insurance), what can you do to protect them?

Talk to your eye doctor about whether they offer extended coverage on your frames and lenses. For a small fee, you may be able to get a year’s coverage protecting you from lost lenses or broken frames that can help save you a good deal if you ever have an accident with them.

Remember, you need your glasses to help you see and protect your eyes in various instances and protect them by taking proper care of them. Use an eyeglass case for safekeeping, clean them as recommended by your eye doctor, and don’t forget to wear them when you need them!

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