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How about Wooden Handicrafts as a Gift for Your Wedding Anniversary?

Wooden caskets

Patchwork quilts

Suede passport covers

Handmade photo frames

Exquisitely embroidered tablecloths

They all make their way to your wedding anniversary gift ideas bank, especially if you are a dedicated DIYer, and even if you prefer buying anything special from the shop. Leo Tolstoy, “all happy families are alike” let’s say they are alike in that sense they celebrate their anniversaries to honor another year of their feelings, wisdom and tolerance to each other. Whatever they choose – to gather at the holiday table in a fancy restaurant or to keep it low key and stay in a silent family circle as the prince William and Catherine Middleton did with their third anniversary – their relatives need some guidance through a huge variety of modern and traditional wedding anniversary gifts.

In many countries there are some similarities in wedding anniversary celebrations, and tradition of giving a specific gift on a particular anniversary day dates back to the Middle Ages. Today, we accompany these traditions with a more contemporary list of gifts that not only offers greater variety, but in many cases, gives a warm welcome to creativity of invited guests, making their presents unique and memorable.

In most countries the 3rd wedding anniversary is known as leather wedding. It symbolizes that “paper” difficulties of first years are overcome and a loving couple has learned how to get on well with each other. The properties of skin remind the relations of a husband and wife after three years of marriage. Skin can be stretched in different directions, but it also can be polished to gloss to make it better. Traditionally dressed in leather clothes, couples nowadays continue using fashionable leather accessories: belts, handbags, purses. A good idea for husbands is to go creative and exchange a handmade leather clutch purse for an incredible messenger bag from your loving half!

In the majority of the European countries the 5th anniversary of a wedding has wood as a symbol, representing strength and a solidified relationship, and silver (in the USA) that is embodied in silverware as a reminder of their connection formed as they shared meals with each other and their children. This day couples sometimes plant a tree and toast one another with hope that their love continues to grow and prosper like the trees around them. The family has most probably moved to their own house, so giving each other cute wooden things for interior décor, such as decoupaged wooden caskets for her or touching wooden rings as a piece of handmade fun-to-make-it-together jewelry for both.

As life’s passing by it approaches the next milestone that is unanimously honored by many cultures as a solemn event – a 20-th anniversary with its own symbol of refined china which represents harmony and beauty of family union. That’s where children walk out on a stage as those who would be expected to play their own role in organizing a celebration for their parents. Let them get rid of the desire to be predictable, giving their parents something as obvious as a porcelain tea set. Let their imagination flow to lead them away from the type of china gifts that end up collecting dust on their shelves. What can really make a good thing to remember throughout the marriage of their parents is to give them a surprise wedding cake with their porcelain figures on the top and plan an anniversary party using a Chinese theme for them!!!

Every year of marriage, having its own symbols and traditions, deserves an individual article, especially the most honorable of them. However, if your marriage is proved to be as strong as diamond in the UK maybe the gift which is beyond precious for you and your spouse will be a personal congratulation from the Queen, if the relatives thoughtfully wrote the demand to Buckingham Palace in advance. 60-th anniversary is celebrated as “Diamond Wedding” which comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning unconquerable and enduring, practically in the whole world it’s called the same. There is also a lovely thornless “Diamond Anniversary” rose bush which will make a good gift for this day assembled in a lovely flower basket.

Wedding anniversary is always a remarkable holiday, reminding about love, tenderness and care which have connected two halves once and now are tying them strongly forever together.