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Hot SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Search engine optimization (SEO) means that the search engines are finding your work because of the efforts you put in to make your site visible. Good SEO will send traffic your way; exemplary SEO will send traffic to you in floods. The following hot SEO tips are for small businesses.

1. Start now. If you are not actively engaged in SEO you must start now. The longer you hold this off, the more business you will lose. You cannot afford to sit on the sidelines as your competitors jump in and take business away from you.

2. Keep tabs on your competition. If you are not SEO engaged, your competitors are and they are snagging business from you. Here, you need to follow what your competitors are doing, including the pages and keywords that are moving them up in the ratings.

3. Define your own strategy. Every website is different — and just as no two snowflakes are alike, the same can be said for your business. Therefore, develop a strategy that is right for you. You might borrow some ideas from others, but ultimately your strategy must be based on your needs and desired outcomes.

4. SEO takes time. Your SEO efforts will take time. Do not expect instant results, but do expect that you will have to keep at it for a long time. Indeed, SEO is a never ending game, one that constantly evolves and changes. Measure your results over time and plan your strategy accordingly.

5. Keep your website fresh. Your website should be constantly changed to reflect new information and to update your old information. Websites that have fresh and interesting content will rank better than those that do not. This means adding new content several times per week and updating dated content from time to time.

6. Steer clear of potential penalties. You may be doing something wrong on your website and be unaware what those mistakes are. Ignorance is no excuse — you need to familiarize yourself with the search engine guidelines, especially with Google. The Google webmaster guidelines should be carefully followed to ensure compliance.

7. Track your analytics. One of the best tools for keeping tabs on your traffic comes fromGoogle Analytics. It is a free tool, one that will give you excellent information about your web traffic and what people do once they visit your site. Track your analytics at least once per week and respond accordingly.

8. Perform Off Site SEO. Not all your SEO efforts should be confined to your website. Indeed, there are many ways to advance what you do, including on social media and networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram can benefit your business tremendously by sending referrals to your site.

9. Remove duplicate content. You may have content on your website that appears on other websites. Typically, this information includes a press release that you published to your site. Unless you plan to rewrite the release, it is best that all duplicate content be removed from your site.

10. Use multiple means to reach people. Besides adding stellar content to your website, you can use other content tools to advance your work. Photos, info graphics, charts, and videos can be useful. Endeavor to have a standard for the types of work on your site and you will rank well with SEO.

SEO Betterment

Your SEO efforts will result in the betterment of your site. Keep at it and those results will soon become apparent and your site will rank well with the search engines. And if you find yourself still struggling to perform, then hire the services of local SEO firms to assist you.

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