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How to use hot keys to launch applications in OS X

If you want to quick launch an application or two in OS X, you need to use the Launch pad interface, or, perhaps more quickly, find it in highlight, or use a link within the Dock. Alternatively, a third option that could be in particular helpful for some utilities is to bind them to a scorching key shortcut.

for example, well-liked utilities you may also get entry to when troubleshooting issues in OS X embrace job display, Disk Utility, Console, and in all probability Terminal. Should you incessantly get entry to these or different packages, then you could wish to have them to be had at your fingertips, so binding each and every to a hot key may help.

 Automator launcher workflowMake a selection the specified application from the drop-down, and set the correct scope of the carrier within the menus above (click on for higher view).

To try this, it is important to make an Automaton workflow with the intention to open the specified application, keep this workflow as a service, after which bind it to a scorching key in system Preferences.

First, open Automaton, and create a brand new service workflow. Set the workflow’s parameters (on the high of the window) to receive “no input” from “any application.”

Next, search for and drag the action referred to as “Launch utility” to the workflow house. Set the program to be opened from the drop-down menu (“job display” in the example picture), after which keep the workflow with a related name. Hotkey setup in OS X

Eventually, go to the Shortcuts component to the Keyboard machine Preferences, and select the services and products section. This part will checklist a variety of constructed-in and 1/3-party services to be had, and also will record the customized ones created in Automaton below general. Find the newly created ones, and then click the “add shortcut” button that appears when you select it. Now sort your desired hot key; it can be anything however should be one thing guaranteed to be unique.

I recommend the use of choice-Command-tilde for process display, in view that it is very with regards to the choice-Command-Esc scorching key for force end — but any sizzling key that doesn’t struggle with different assignments will do. Some options you might consider the usage of for different applications are the operate keys (you will have to carry the FN key to prompt these), or sequenced scorching keys such as regulate-option-Command-1, or keep watch over-choice-Command-2, and so forth.

You could repeat this setup to create explicit shortcuts to open for any additional programs you utilize.