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Host1Plus VPS Platinum Hosting: Affordable, Genuine & Great Customer Support

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I have a large ecommerce site and I have nothing but positive to speak about Host1Plus! This host gave me and my business a big respite after my poor experience with another web hosting provider.

When you have a large site with tons of traffic per day, and lots of shipments to handle, you don’t have the time to pay attention to things that should be set once and forgotten! That is how I saw my site’s hosting plan to be initially, but within a few weeks I started having problems with my old web host.

It affected my focus and business as I reached the limit with my patience. The customer care was awful, the price was so high, the uptime was poor, and there was nothing that worked well! And the worst part was that I had chosen one of the biggest web hosting brands out there. They charged me a ton and my site was down most of the time. Since I moved my online store to Host1Plus, things are smooth and fast like anything. I can focus on my business rather than dealing with my site going down every now and then and handling my angry customers who couldn’t complete the checkout process.

Best Features of Host1Plus

My ecommerce site runs on Host1Plus’s Platinum VPS hosting plan. The best features why I like this plan and web host are:

  • The customer support is professional and hard to match.
  • They support server locations across the world.
  • The best server configuration in the budget.
  • Highly reliable servers – true 99% uptime.
  • Server environment customization.
  • Highly flexible with the plans.
  • Highly affordable – 50% to 60% of what those big names charge and still I get more resources with better reliability!

Host1Plus simply rips apart the web host that I used for my site previously. I would like to share some of their main features in more elaborate form so that you will also choose a trustworthy and high quality host.

1. Price


I must put the comparison straight away for your convenience. My ecommerce store was hosted with another web host previously. They charged me a decent amount of approximately $60 per month to put my site online. In return they gave me the following resources:

  • CPU – Dual core
  • RAM – 2GB
  • Storage – 120GB
  • Data Transfer – 1,500GB

They gave me some discount over it, but when they added all the extras I had to pay almost the same amount before the discount!

My Host1Plus Platinum VPS plan simply ripped this plan that I was using with this big name hosting provider. I got almost double the resources (except in storage) and it still costs me far less. I saved around $15 per month and still had more than enough resources to spare.

2. Server Location


Host1Plus allows me to choose my server location. My previous host didn’t offer anything as such. There is a clear advantage to having the option to choose my server’s location. Mine is in Germany because my target market is Europe.

There is a clear SEO benefit to this decision. Google takes server location into account as a factor for indexing sites. It is a strong signal regarding my site about my intended marketplace and after I switched to Host1Plus, there has been a significant boost in my webpages’ search rankings and traffic!

3. Customer Support


I think a web host is nothing without a good customer support service. My experience with my previous web host’s customer support team was nothing less than a nightmare. You cannot afford to have your website down when you own an online store. Forget about 99% uptime. They were just a big name and big price, and nothing more. While my customers were shouting at my own support team, my web host’s support staff was playing games with me.

The Host1Plus guys have done wonders in their customer support and server reliability departments. The guys are so polite and answer all my queries. They don’t try to dodge the question like those guys did at my previous hosting provider. One or two times I had some issues with my site and Host1Plus team resolved them instantly. In my business, I don’t have the time or energy to deal with more people – I already have too much! I would call myself lucky to have come across this great web host!

My Platinum Plan


My VPS Platinum plan with Host1Plus has the following features and my online store is doing great with it:

  • CPU – Quad core
  • RAM – 4GB
  • Storage – 70GB
  • Bandwidth – 3,000GB


It is almost double than what my previous web host used to offer and I don’t have to spend an extra $15-$20. In fact, the odd $60 that I was spending with my previous host was nothing less than a waste for me. I will recommend Host1Plus to everyone. It’s a reliable, cost-effective and genuine web host. Don’t run after those big brands!

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