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Best Home Security Apps for Your Home

These days, securing your home needn’t be something you worry about and yes, there really is an app for everything, including apps for home security – though you probably still want to check out a home alarm specialist such as Keep an eye on what’s going on whilst you’re out or on holidays with one of these handy apps for Android or iOS.

Foscam Surveillance Pro (IP camera control)

Available for both iOS and Android, this app allows you to set up any cheap IP camera so that you can monitor what’s going on in the home or office whilst you’re not there. Compatible with a wide range of IP camera models, this allows you to view up to six cameras at a time on one screen.

You can even control the cameras using the tilt function on your smartphone and if you purchase a Foscam model camera, there’s access to a variety of the camera’s functions, such as zoom.

Great for checking the kids aren’t having wild parties whilst you’re away too. Packed with features, this app has excellent reviews.

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Available for all makes of phone, the app monitors your home alarm security system and reports any suspicious activity direct to your handset. This powerful, feature-packed app allows you to monitor video, access reports and remotely arm your security system or lights when you’re not there.

Kryptos VoIP security

Worried about who is listening in to your VoIP calls? Fret no longer. Kryptos provides secure VoIP calls over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. The app uses military grade 256 bit AES encryption and secure calls are peer-to-peer.

However, in order to use Kryptos, both parties must have the app installed, so it’s great for private personal calls to a loved one, or top security in-company business calls. It’s also worth noting that emergency calls can’t be made using the software.

However, if recent attacks on popular VoIP solutions such as Skype worry you, then this is a great alternative for important and private communications. The app is free and available on iOS and android.

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Tinycam Monitor

This handy little app for Android can be used with an existing webcam or network camera and can monitor everything at home remotely and securely. There is a free and pro version, depending on how many cameras you want to keep an eye on.

For a demonstration on the various ways that tiny cam can be used, visit the developer’s YouTube channel, where you will find instructions for setting up with BlackBerry too. This is a nice, cheap and simple alternative to many other video surveillance solutions you may find on the market.

This post is written by Kelly B on behalf of, the home security and alarm systems specialist in the UK.