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Home Remedies To Unclog The Clogged Drains Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Clogs and drains are closely interrelated. Where there are drains there definitely will be clogs too. However, the good news is that most of the clogs can be unclogged with simple home remedies using inexpensive tools and safe substances.

Are you interested in knowing the home remedies for cleaning clogged drains? Go ahead.

Does your sink or wash basin or floor drain take a long time to drain? If so, don’t make any delays. The sooner the better is the best policy for unclogging drains. Try one of the following drain cleaning tips before the blockage worsens.

1. Fizz the clogs off with vinegar and baking soda

Take 1/3rd cup of vinegar and the same amount of baking soda in a cup. As soon as it fizzes, pour it down the drain that needs to be cleaned. You can also add dry baking soda and then pour vinegar. Leave it overnight. Pour hot water in the morning. It drains out hair and other dirt.

2. Fish it out with a coat hanger

Take an old coat hanger. Straighten it. Bend one of the ends to form a small hook. Let the hook inside the drain cover. Pull the hair and other grime out. Then pour hot water to drain the tiny clogs.

3. Plunge the dirt with a plunger

Is your kitchen sink clogged? Close one of the sink holes with wet cloth. Keep the plunger over the other and run the water for a few minutes until the drain is sealed by the plunger. Now work the plunger up and down vigorously. This will help in unclogging the clogs.

4. Remove the trap to remove grime

If your sink or wash basin is clogged, you can remove the trap underneath by loosening the nut. Clean the trap and then fix it again and tighten the nut carefully.

5. Drain the drains with drain snake

Drain snake is a metal rope. It has a spiral end. It can be inserted into the drains to clean all clogs.

6. Power auger to force away floor logs

You have drains fitted in the floor to let out waste water from washing machines, air conditioners, and heaters. The drains tend to get clogged with sand, salt, and soap etc. To clean the drains on the floors you need an electric auger. If you don’t have one, you can rent one. You can do it yourself by plugging in the auger and positioning it near the drain. When the motor is switched on, the power from the auger pushes out the grime.

7. Boiling water to flush away the dirt

This is the simplest way to unclog the drains. In fact, you can try this first before going for all other options.

What to do when all your efforts fail?

Don’t hesitate. Unclogging drains is not a pleasant experience. It is time to call a plumber. There may be severe blockage that needs professional help. Call an experienced plumber who will be able to locate the clog and use the right methods to unclog it.