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Home Improvement Ideas for The Summer

Many of you will want to sit, relax and enjoy the garden at this beautiful time of year – and why not? Many will dismiss the idea of doing any work at home simply because the weather seems too nice and maybe perhaps you’ve worked all day already. But whilst this may be understandable, you may be missing out on the opportunity to get those little (or big) jobs done in and around and perhaps outside the house too. It could be installing ceiling fans in light of the heat or perhaps some routine garden maintenance. So whether it’s fans or fence painting, here we look at some wonderful home improvement ideas for the summer. Interested? Then read on for more.

Home Improvement Ideas for The Summer 1

1. Air Conditioning

If you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning already, then you’ll know how beneficial it can be to the home. Just imagine then what might happen, though, if it were to break down or stop working fully. If you’re used to it, then you’ll notice just how much you’ve come to rely upon it, but it will be too late!

Instead of awaiting a problem and then dealing with it, it is much better to pre-empt the problem and try to ensure that it doesn’t happen in the first place. A good way of doing this is through routine maintenance cleaning and repairs of the unit and checking that it runs smoothly and efficiently. This can prevent a lot of headaches and hot heads later on!

If you’ve not already got an air conditioning unit, then you might want to consider investing in one. There’ll be higher demand in summer, so you may have to wait or pay a premium, but if it’s something that you’ve set your heart on then, it will benefit the home for many years to come.

2. Ceiling Fans

If you do not want to pay for air conditioning, then you might want to install a ceiling fan to help the air circulate and create a nice breeze around the home.

They may not prove to be as effective as air conditioning when it comes to cooling the home, but it is also likely that the initial installation and running costs will be lower.

As with air conditioning, it is always a good idea to ensure that the fans are well maintained, cleaned, and repaired as necessary to prolong their life and efficiency.

3. Windows

You might think that the only important factor regarding windows in good weather is whether or not you can open them to let out all of the heat – that is, unless you have air conditioning. But summer is a great time to look at your windows and consider whether or not you need to replace them with energy-efficient ones. In the long run, they’ll save you money, but they will, of course, be an initial outlay to find. It’s always better to consider a change in good weather, as any work being done will be less impactful on the house and less inconvenient.

4. Painting & Decorating

Summer means good light, and that’s an essential element when it comes to painting and decorating. It allows you to see colors more fully and also see any mistakes or missed spots too!

5. Remodel Kitchen

You’re probably less prone to cooking in the heat of summer, and therefore it’s a fantastic time to remodel or refashion your kitchen – whilst the same lies semi- redundant, and you’re cooking outside on the barbeque.

Whether it’s a whole refit, simply changing the cupboard doors, or simply adding a few floral or bespoke pieces, you can make a maximum impact from minimal effort. Looking at online pictures or articles can help give you ideas or inspiration.

6. Remodel Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom can be done in the good months so that it’ll be ready for when it’s needed most for those long winter soaks.

7. Pressure Wash

If indoor work for you, then there are plenty of jobs that can be done outside too. You might struggle to believe it, but some of these jobs can even be fun! Jet or power washing a driveway or path can be a little messy at times, but on a lovely warm sunny day, it’s a great way to spend a few hours or so freeing your mind to think about other projects whilst getting to grips. With the grime on the drive! Jet washers are not expensive and can be a great investment, not just for paths, but you can also use them on other cleaning projects such as washing the car too, should the mood take your fancy.

8. Outside Painting

It’s not just the inside that needs attention when it comes to painting; never forget to give the outside of the house or garden shed a good lick of paint regularly. This is more than simple aesthetics, though. You are carrying out a great means of preserving and presenting the property to all those that see it, not just those that use it.

9. Clean/Repair Gutters

Leaves are the usual culprit for gutters getting clogged, along with moss and the like. That suggests, therefore, that autumn is the problem period for gutters. But if you clean them during the dry summer, they operate much more efficiently during the wetter seasons, and the job itself will be less messy too.

10. Pool Cleaning

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor pool, do not bemoan the fact that you have to keep it clean! Instead, think of all of those long days spent either in or by the pool with the family or friends, and that will soon make any cleaning project seem all the more worthwhile.

Yes, you can, of course, hire a pool cleaner to do the dirty work for you, but you’ll get a great sense of achievement if you undertake the project yourself, so go ahead and dive right in!

11. Pest Prevention

Pest prevention is something that any homeowner can do, with relative ease too. Of course, you have to be careful if you are using dangerous chemicals or substances, but the majority of products now come with full and detailed instructions. So be it weeds or living pests, act before they become a problem, but always be wary of the risk to any pets, etc., before commencing the project.

12. Tidy

Whether it’s the lawn, the hedges, or the garden in general, little and often is the solution when it comes to keeping things nice and tidy. Leave things too long before you address them, and you’ll be facing a task of mammoth proportions. However, regular and attentive tidying can save you from having to undertake any large scale projects. Keeping things neat will also allow you to appreciate them more when you’re outside, which of course, in summer you will be.

13. Decking

Like fences and sheds, decking needs to be treated or varnished regularly. Doing so stops the wood rotting and therefore avoids the need (and expense) of replacing sections or whole areas. If you spend a lot of time on the decking, looking after it will allow you to do so long into the future.

14. Fencing

Do not neglect your fences either. You may feel that they look okay, but they feel the brunt of all seasons, and if you leave it another year, there may be critical damage that cannot be repaired. Regular painting or staining is recommended for fences.

15. Landscaping

If you want to change the whole garden’s appearance, though, and do some landscaping, then summer is a great time; less rain means less mud! Okay, so it may be a little warmer, but add in a few more drinks breaks; there really is no need to rush!

To make a house feel like a home, it has to reflect your character and personality, along with those of the other people who live there too. These little jobs may seem like an “inconvenience,” but they’re not; they instead prevent larger, more expensive jobs from being needed down the line. How you look after and model, your home will help you maximize the enjoyment you get from it. So on occasions, roll your sleeves up and do a little to gain a lot!


Home Improvement Ideas for The Summer

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How to Improve Your Home This Summer | Ceiling Fans

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