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The History of Internet For Businesses and Where It’s Going

Since its advent, internet has been useful to businesses. While at the start it didn’t do as much as it does today, it still offered a new way to communicate across vast distances. There’s much less to talk about when it comes to internet in the beginning, but it’s still worth a look back.

While the internet has been around for a long time, many people discovered it later in its infancy. Even many schools were without computers until the early 90s. Some businesses today still try to hold onto the past, but the paperwork is likely piling up by now.

The History

Many businesses started taking on the internet in the late 80s and early 90s. Back then it was all about being able to store data somewhere other than on paper. It made data entry, filing and storage that much easier since you no longer needed stacks of filing cabinets.


Email was in its infancy and not everyone had a website because not everyone had a computer or access to one. Mostly people just used there computers as an in house kind of thing for data storage.

As the popularity and technology increased, the internet began to offer so much more.

The Now

Now, with options like cloud storage and ways to communicate with more than just email, internet is a very important asset to all businesses. You want to take some time to look into the perfect packages for your business before signing onto a particular provider.

It wasn’t that long ago that San Diego was a place where internet seemed to go to die, but recently companies in this city have stepped up to the plate with new internet options and faster connections. San Diego Internet providers–and providers in a variety of cities–now allow you to pick the best package possible for you to get connected online with a fast Internet service.

Once you are online the possibilities of the internet are endless these days. Not only can you communicate by email, direct chat and by voice on the computer, you can share and store tons of data. You no longer have to live in the same town as your employer, as all of the things that technology has opened up with the internet has made telecommuting and remote jobs desirable to many.

If it weren’t for the meager beginnings the internet wouldn’t be as widespread and useful. Did you know that you can start up a website for free? Or that using social media to expand your businesses reach and make a name for your brand can boost your ratings and sales, for free?

The Future

As our smartphones and tablets allow us smaller devices to use while we are on the go, companies continue to expand with computer glasses and watches and more. In the future even your smartphone will probably be able to hold as much info as your desktop computer. It’s just a matter of time.

Technology will keep expanding and it will keep be a great device to businesses for as long as businesses exist. If you have a small business or a large business and you aren’t taking advantage of technology, you may want to get online and start doing some exploring.

The internet has created a way to keep people connected no matter where they are. Not only for businesses, but the internet makes it so that even families can stay connected, and it’s through businesses creating social media that made even this possible.

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