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Best Way to Get High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks play a major role in our blog’s Page Ranking. The blog’s Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank are mostly dependent on this Backlinks.
Firstly Let us know …

What is Backlink :

“Backlinks are the external links which route back to your blog link” in simple words we can say that backlinks are the links on the page of the external website which on clicking will redirect back to your website or blog.
We can get the backlincks of two types one is “dofollow” and another is “nofollow”
The backlinks which Juice there page rank to our page are called dofollow backlinks and the Backlinks which do not want to juice there page rank to our site/blog are called nofollow backlinks.
Thus, doffolow backlinks are essential to boost up our blog’s ranking.I will not discuss alot about it as our topic is not about that now.So, let us jump to our main topic that is the Best way to get Backlinks.I prefer you some ways to get backlinks here ….

Ways To Get Backinks:

Social Marketing :

Here social marketing refer’s to marketing through social networks.There are many social networks on web now-a-days which are playing efficient role in building up backlinks for blog’s/site’s and making the blogger’s carrier to lead easy.So, do promote your blog post through Social Sites.

Some of the Top Social Marketing Site’s I Prefer are :
  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • Twitter
  • StumbleUpon
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest and others..

So, i think now you have got an idea on how to get the backlinks through Social Networking Sites.

Forums and Answers :

Forums:There are many community forum sites which we can find easily through googling or when you search for any topic,for example if type how to get dofollow backlinks in google then you will get some search results of sites which has posts on that title and some forums results will also been displayed in between the searches. Simply select that forums sites comment in that site and give your blog’s site in that comment of you.
You may now have a doubt that how is this useful or how does it work, here is my answer :
When others will search there queries in the forums they will find your comment there and they will click your link through which your blog gets backlinks from that forum site.
Answers:There are many answering sites such as Yahoo answers and many other sites which are providing path not only for people to know there answers but also people like us who wants backlinks.
Answer the questions asked by the people in the answering sites,if the question is related to your blog’s content then provide link of your blog in your comment so that they visit your page and clear there queries.This will create a good impact on your site for them.

Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting means commenting on other blogs related to your niche.Commenting on other blogs which have high page rank will give you a good response in the backlinks of your blog.Comment on the blogs more and more and include your link in that comment to get backlinks from that particular blog.
So, the readers of that blog come to see your comment in it and your link and click on it and refer it.Thus, you have more chances of getting backlinks through commenting on others blogs.

Guest Posting:

Last but the “Best” here comes the main aspect of the backlinks i.e.., Guest Posting.All the above said ways will give your site nofollow links which can increase your blogs traffic but can’t boost your blog up in the page rankings.So, the solution is Guest Posting.Guest posting means writing the articles for a high page ranked blogs and asking them to give a dofollow backlink from there side.
This is the most important trick and tip to boost your rank as well as traffic of your blog.
So, write a guest post to high page rank blogs to increase your search rankings as well as to get more traffic.
That’s it This ways will lead your blog to get High Quality Backlinks.Thanks for reading my article if you still have any queries than feel free to comment below..

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