HGH and Vitamins: What You Should Know

HGH and Vitamins: What You Should Know

Many vitamins contribute to growth hormone production in the body. The older you get, the lower your HGH levels and the more important it becomes to seek the right supplements. When it comes to HGH and vitamins, increasing the intake of the right vitamins can make a tremendous difference.

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Adults with low HGH levels are often too tired to exercise or complete their entire daily “to-do” lists. They typically run out of steam long before the day is through. Increased stress, lack of sleep, and weight gain add to that sluggish feeling. HGH-boosting vitamins not only help you restore crucial vitamin levels in the body, but they also aid in HGH production

Some vitamins can directly stimulate increased HGH secretion from the pituitary gland. Others will aid in how well human growth hormone works in the body. Both types of vitamins are essential for optimum HGH functions.

Of course, getting your daily allotment of vitamins from high-quality foods is always best. However, some people would have to eat all day to get the nutrition and vitamins. For that reason, turning to vitamin supplements is an excellent option.

HGH and Vitamin C

Vitamin C levels are often low in adults with growth hormone deficiency. Being overweight further decreases vitamin C, as does cardiovascular disease. Looking at HGH and vitamins, we see that vitamin C affects human growth hormone functions rather than secretion.

Why is vitamin C important for HGH?

The HGH vitamin C connection is one of working together for the body’s overall good. Taking vitamin C along with HGH injection therapy can help stimulate collagen production. HGH and its mediating hormone insulin growth factor 1 promote cell regeneration, producing collagen. Vitamin C is an essential compound for increased collagen, which is crucial to maintaining the body’s connective tissues and skin.

You also want to take vitamin C with HGH to benefit the enzyme PAM (peptidyl glycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase). PAM comes from the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland (HGH producer) to activate neuropeptides (brain proteins).

HGH and Vitamin D

You cannot have strong bones if you are deficient in HGH and vitamin D. these compounds plays a significant role in maintaining bone density.

The process begins with HGH and its function of stimulating IGF-1 production by the liver. IGF-1 then mitigates many of the HGH functions in the body – such as cellular regeneration. Vitamin D helps to increase the level of IGF-1 circulating in the body to aid HGH performance.

IGF-1 and HGH improve the process known as bone remodeling. In this way, they help slow the absorption of old bone cells and increase the number of new cells ready to take their place.

HGH and B Vitamins

Now we look at the vitamins that can directly help improve HGH secretion. Of course, it is not just vitamins that the body needs but also certain minerals and amino acids. The first one we will look at is the importance of HGH and vitamin B12.

Most people naturally associate B12 with energy. You hear about B12 energy shots for people with inflammatory bowel disease, anemia, and short bowel syndrome. Any condition that affects the small intestine and food absorption impacts B12 levels in the body.

Your body needs vitamin B12 for healthy blood cell and nerve functions. B12 is essential for constructing DNA molecules. HGH directly impacts blood cell formation and has neuroprotective benefits for the nerves.

We know that HGH regulates the metabolism and how well your body processes food into energy. B12 helps the body absorb that nutrition so that it can increase energy and help promote HGH secretion.

Other supplements you can take before bed to improve HGH secretion include L-arginine, L-glutamine, and melatonin. If you have further questions about HGH and vitamins, please contact our hormone clinic for a free consultation.

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