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Hear ye, hear ye: Test the age of your ears on YouTube

Test the age of your ears on YouTube

Hearing test example ear

Can you hear me now? OK, how about now?

Between massive car stereo systems, loud concerts, and rampant headphone use, plenty of people regularly put their hearing at risk, studies show. If you’re wondering what toll your activities have taken on your ears, you can take a quick test on YouTube.

The “How old are your ears?” hearing test from AsapScience plays a series of tones at increasing frequencies and gives you the average age group that can hear them. You’ll find out pretty quickly just how good (or bad) your hearing is.

If you take the hearing test, be sure to use headphones and watch it at its highest-quality HD setting. Your crummy little computer speakers won’t do you any favors when it comes to getting an accurate result. I was able to discern the correct frequency for people under 40 with headphones, but not with my cheap desktop speakers.

If all of the frequencies are audible, you’re probably either a young whippersnapper or Superman. If you could hear the right frequency for your age group, then you’re also just fine.

If, however, your hearing peters out sooner than that, you might want to look to your lifestyle and consider your exposure to loud noises so you can protect what you have left.