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6 Ways to Stick to a Healthy Diet Throughout the Day

Everyone knows the key to losing weight is to avoid those dreaded cravings. Whether it is for french fries or a sugary coffee drink, cravings can be the destruction of the best laid diet plans. The way to avoid those temptations is by keeping yourself satiated throughout the day with healthful snacks. Included here are a few of the best ways to keep yourself from caving to those diet-wreckers.

Carry Meal Replacement Shakes

There is nothing like the 2pm crash to send you off to a vending machine. Avoid those hunger induced, poor decisions by filling up with a replacement shake. Many of these shakes can help you stay full while providing you essential vitamins and minerals. The most important part is all you have to do is add water and drink; which will probably take you less time than deciding what you want at the vending machine.

Drink Lots of Water

Water helps keep your stomach full and your digestive tract humming. Water is especially ideal when accompanied by fiber; as the fiber acts like a sponge, keeping you feeling full for hours. Some studies say water can also help you lose weight, and while that has not been proven, the added hydration is always healthful!

Keep Ready-to-Eat Snacks on Hand

Choose snacks that are easy to eat and offer satiety and nutrition. Great options for these snacks would be carrot sticks, granola, apples or trail mix. Cheese sticks are also a great filler that are easy to access and offer calcium.

Chew Gum

Instead of giving into every sweet craving, find a way to keep your mouth busy and your sweet tooth occupied, without the calories, by chewing gum. Choosing a sugar-free gum to chew will make you feel like you are getting the delicious, sugary snack you want without actually caving to the calories and guilt.

Sip Tea

A known metabolism booster, green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants and other health benefits. Brewing tea yourself gives you the opportunity to go without sugar for a low-calorie, flavorful drink. Black tea is also known as a great caffeine booster and antioxidant packer so try that hot or iced during the day as well.

Stay Motivated

By mentally associating certain foods or choices with being overweight and unhealthy, it can be possible to coax yourself into steering clear of them. If instead of seeing donuts as a treat, you view them as eating deep-fried lard, you will start focusing on the true nature of what you are putting into your body, versus the instant gratification of the taste. Long-term results depend on you changing your eating habits to pursue a healthier existence.