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Health and Energy With Guayusa Tea

Both black and green tea have been staples of many cultures around the world for centuries. These teas are all derived from one plant where the leaves are simply brewed in various ways. A brand-new tea drink is on the horizon, however. Guayusa tea is slowly emerging into the mainstream, and it’s captivating traditional tea drinkers. Learn more about guayusa tea and how it can help you out on a daily basis.

Discovered With the Ecuadorian People

Guayusa tea is new to most people because it comes from a holly tree. You might associate holly trees with the winter season, but this is a different plant species altogether. In scientific circles, the tree is referred to as ilex guayusa. It’s normally found in the Amazon Rainforest, including areas of Ecuador. In fact, local people have been benefiting from guayusa tea for many years. The trees are numerous in these areas, and they’re obvious to passersby because of their deep green and glossy leaves. Ecuadorians simply pull a few leaves from the tree, brew them and share the drink among family and friends.

Grown Naturally Among the Trees

It may only take a matter of time for the guayusa trees to be cultivated by professional farmers, but for now they’re mainly grown in their natural surroundings. The rainforest is a rich resource for plants. Over the centuries, decaying plants have fallen to the ground and broken down. Those nutrients recycle into the soil and benefit other plants. The guayusa tree is one of those benefactors. Local people don’t have to amend the soil for the trees to grow with vigor. The soil has natural nutrients that aren’t found in any other area of the world. As a result, no fertilizers are necessary as the trees grow with their rich properties.

Caffeine Punch

Because of the tree’s natural resources at the soil level, it’s able to grow with many features hidden in the leaves. When you brew the guayusa leaves, you’re activating the caffeine within them. In fact, there is as much caffeine in these tea leaves compared to traditional coffee beans. Ecuadorians have used this drink as a way to give them energy during a long, manual-labor day. With alert minds and bodies, people can go off to work with no fatigue. As guayusa tea becomes more popular outside of the Amazon Rainforest, its caffeine properties are being held in high regard.

Improving Your Health

Although most people focus on the caffeine aspect of guayusa tea, there are actually other health benefits to this drink. If you look at the drink from a scientific perspective, you’ll see that it has ample amounts of chlorogenic acids. This chemical compound is associated with heart health, such as lowering blood-sugar levels, and potential weight-loss benefits. Guayusa tea also has a dense concentration of polyphenols or antioxidants. For some people, they might fight off a cold or flu better than others when drinking this tea on a frequent basis.

Benefiting the Amazon Region

Currently, the guayusa trees are still mainly located in the Amazon where they’re making money for the indigenous peoples. The growing popularity of this enhanced tea means that more money will be driven into these lands. As people prosper, they can create a better distribution process where they can maximize their profits without damaging the environment. Because of the unique soil within the Amazon, these trees may be best grown in this area even as more farmers want to cultivate the plant elsewhere. It’s possible that the guayusa tree won’t be as potent when it’s grown in a different area besides the Amazon.

Brewing For Any Time of Day

Coffee tends to be drunk in the morning while traditional tea is reserved for the afternoon. In contrast, guayusa tea is perfect for any time of day. Ecuadorian people drink it as an energy-booster in the morning and as a midday treat in order to keep productivity levels high. Because it has concentrated caffeine, most people avoid drinking it close to bedtime. However, the remaining daytime is a prime time to drink and benefit from all of the tea’s beneficial qualities.

The local stores may not have guayusa tea on their shelves so going online is the best way to find your newest morning drink. Online sellers can send you several different teas, which you can experiment with as you go about your day. Boost your spirits with guayusa tea instead of that cup of coffee. You’ll feel better as a result.

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