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Having Gym Fears? Here Is How to Get Rid of Them


clip_image002Are you feeling unsatisfied with your look and do you feel bad about yourself in general? You tried out many “alternative” ways to get fit, but realized that it’s all snake oil and that you will have to start working out if you want to lose weight. So, you made the first necessary step, but soon enough, you realized that there are other challenges that await you.

You feel self-doubt and a lack of confidence – you realize that you haven’t worked out in a while and that your body and health are in bad shape. When starting to think about going to the gym, you encounter a lot of negative self-talk and you fear that you just can’t do it.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You are no better nor worse than other people, and if they can overcome their fears, you can as well. You simply cannot allow your anxieties to hold you back from getting the regular exercise you need. Today, we will go through some of the solutions for treating your gym fear that prevents you from becoming healthy and satisfied with your body.

Other people are more fit than me

clip_image004Your dream is to complete some famous fitness routine and achieve great results, but you are having doubts about your current shape. The most important thing is to focus on the present and start from the beginning. Accept where you are at this point and start working on yourself patiently.


Set realistic and small goals. Understand that the people you look up to didn’t get to where they are overnight. They worked hard for a long time to get the look they have today. Start with some basic, small warm-ups and exercises and slowly build on them. For example, you can simply start doing as many push-ups as you can, no matter if its 2, 3 or even 1, and soon enough, you will be able to find a beginner’s program that you can follow.

Start working out with a friend

If you have friends that work out, you can ask them to accompany you during the beginning stages. Having a friend by your side can help you deal with your fear. Furthermore, someone who is experienced can help you deal with the issues you are going through and give you valuable tips and information you can relate to.

I can’t afford the training I want

clip_image006Expensive boutique gym studios, high-priced gear and proper nutrition may be some of the obstacles that are keeping you sitting on your couch instead of going out and playing sports. One of the biggest reasons why people think that they don’t have enough money to exercise properly is because they look at celebrity athletes who work at the best gyms and have all the adequate conditions for making the most out of every training session. Well, training is not all about a gym or a fitness center. There are many other cheaper and more creative solutions for exercising efficiently.


Find food discounts and buy groceries that can last for a long time. Find fitness classes that are part of free community classes to get some training.

Work out at a park or at home. There are many free apps and workout videos you can use as guidance for your training in lieu of an instructor. In the beginning, you don’t really need to go to a gym to achieve what you want.

I am scared to go out and work out

clip_image008For older people, or people who are used to not having any physical activity, the beginning can be quite nerve-wrecking. Most people focus on their “failures” and obsess about how long they’ve been doing nothing. This is a confidence killer, and it’s hard to get the necessary motivation boost, as the results are quite small.


The most important thing is to change the way you think. Like I mentioned before, start small, and set minor goals. Once you’ve reached your first goal, you will already start to feel better, as you will realize that it is in fact possible for you to become better. Find some motivational videos of famous athletes and see the story of how it was for them in the beginning.

Training and achieving results is all about being persistent and working hard. Organize your workout time and change your lifestyle as best as you can and you will soon realize that you can start making progress at the gym as well.

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