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Handy Tips to Keep in Mind While Bathing Your Dog

Your pets need as much care and pampering as do your children. Proper hygiene and cleanliness are necessary for keeping the pets in good health and spirits. If you own a dog, you’ll know that bathing it properly can be quite a task. Even though dog baths are not very frequent, they need to be given with great caution. Moreover, it is important that the first bath your dog gets is given with utmost care and gentleness, so it doesn’t resist the subsequent baths.

Here are some tips you should keep in mind while bathing your beloved dog.

Before Bath

? The fur and hair might have tangles or knots. So, it is important to remove them first with gentle brushing in order to avoid any bruises to the skin.

? Remove the insects, fleas or ticks carefully. You may use tweezers for the same.

? Trim and file the nails before the bath, as the dog may show excessive resistance during the bath.

? The bath location should be suitable and friendly to the dog. You may use a bath tub. Also mop the floor of the tub with a towel, to prevent the dog from slipping.

? Collect all the supplies in advance; such as brush, soap, shampoo, towel and mineral oil.

? You should be very cautious while choosing the shampoo for bath. It’s advisable to use a premium dog shampoo, preferably one containing tea tree oil, citrus oil, or oatmeal.

? Put cotton balls in the ears of your dog to avoid water from seeping into the ear canal.

? Another important thing to be remembered is the temperature of water used for bathing. Use lukewarm water, and avoid using cold water.

During Bath

? Place your dog in the tub and spray water on its back and neck first, to get it used to the feel of water. Then, gradually spray water on its head. Do not spray it directly over its face. Lift the face upwards, and gently let the water run down the back of its head.

? Now use the shampoo or soap to lather the body while massaging thoroughly, and with your palm, bring the suds down to the tail.

? Use a soft rubber brush to clean the fur, claws and tail. You can even reward your dog for good behaviour.

? Do not let the soap enter its eyes or ears.

? Gently rinse the shampoo off the face and head first and then, the back and tail.

? Squeeze off excess water with your palms.

After bath

? Gently pat the body dry using a soft towel. You may even use a dog dryer on low setting. Do not use it on the dog’s face.

? Remove the cotton balls.

? You may apply moisturizer all over its body (except face) after the bath.