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Guidance for Choosing the Compatible File Recovery Software and Tips of Action after File Loss

When a hard drive malfunction causes your Mac to crash and you lose access to valuable data, two things you must do (unless I’ve ever did these before). For example, if your files were lost due to you emptied the Trash Bin, you will ask yourself (Though you know it didn’t work.) ,”What I’ve done? How to recover deleted files from trash Mac?” And the next thing you must do is open your bowser, get into Google and seek out the data recovery method or contact the data recovery service. Here I recommend the Mac data recovery software because I’ve tried once.

When used properly, data recovery software like Raid Data Recovery makes it easy to recover deleted files emptied from the Mac Trash, files lost due to accidentally deletion or corruption of the Mac drive, virus infection, unexpected system shutdown or software failure.


There are many free Mac data recovery software products to choose from that support a wide variety of your computer or the storage device. Online reviews of the file recovery software outline the features and benefits of ?best in breed? products available on the market today. However, most file recovery app reviews will recommend the use of hard drive file rescue program products only if you have: a duplicate copy of all the data on your hard disk drive, when you have manually deleted files or if a virus attacked and damaged your data.
The recovery software has its advantages and disadvantages. First, it can locate all of the files still remaining in your unused drive space, but even the best Mac data recovery software cannot fix a physically failed drive. So, most of the software reviews will warn users that the improper use of the software which may have the chance to cause further media damage or permanent data loss.


Running disk file rescue app or RAID Mac data rescue tool on physically damaged drives is the easiest way to overwrite, corrupt or destroy your precious data forever. Mac data recovery software scans the media and all logical data blocks when looking for information. Repeated access to the data by the software during this scanning process will often cause a sector error or more significant media damage, rendering the data unrecoverable. What began as a simple recovery from corruption or deleted files could escalate into a mechanical failure: the drive ceases to respond to the scan; the machine locks up; the read/write heads start clicking; media damage occurs; data is lost.

Tips for Choosing or Using the Mac Data Recovery Software:

To make it clear for the users who really need the data rescue software to save their important files, here are the tips which are useful to mark down:

1. Don’t panic of losing files, first thing you need to try to find the files in the Trash Bin to see if they were there. If not then you just keep going the next step,

2. If a drive is making scraping, tapping, clicking or humming sounds, do not attempt to install even the best software. Power down the system at once and take it to the professor who deals with the hard drive problems;

3. If the drive spins up but the motor won’t release, there could be a problem with the hard disk. Running even the best file recovery software is not recommended;

4. Do not install the software on the same drive which your lost files were stored before because this action might overwrite the data which you want to get them back;

5. Build a backup for your files is the best idea to make sure you can get your files back no matter the files were gone due to hard drive or firmware failure, file corruption or media damage. If you did not got a backup, then turn to the software and ask for help; (Remember find a storage device which has enough space for your files so that you won’t miss any files you want to backup. You may also try the Cloud Backup to store your important files.)

6. The first recovery attempt is the best chance to success, and the recovery method you choose can greatly impact the outcome. Choose the professional file rescue service company if you have lost the important. Don’t risk losing it forever by running it which you are not familiar with.

When you finish viewing the tips above, the opportunity for recovering lost files will improve a lot. But remember this, except searching the information about the method of restoring lost files or the software which can help a lot, don’t do any process on the drive your lost files were saved there. Hope this article can give you some help in choosing recovery software and get your files back.