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Guarding Technology of the Leo Privacy Applock

This is the most trusted and fantastic privacy safeguard and it helps in protecting more than 100 million users from getting their information leaked in time. With the guarding apps you are sure to discover too many things at the same time and this will help you make use of the phone with all specialties in cluster. The privacy safeguard has the strongest apps locking system and this helps in locking up all the important applications. It also conducts convenient privacy scanning in order to have the perfect locating of the loophole. There is even the safe box within the application and this is used for the secret storing of the videos and the photos.

The True Nature of the Applock

Leo Privacy Applock is in trend these days. It is sure to help you have the relief and you no longer have the reason to sigh and complaint. Now, your partner cannot check you call log and cannot even go through the SMSs that you have received. You can now lock the gallery and the Facebook and prevent all curious eyes to take a look to the details of the phone. If your colleague is interested in checking with your phone details this is the guarding application to help you have the perfect data saving.


The Best Way to Lock Up Everything

The Applock will help in locking up everything. It will lock up Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger and other essential apps and this will prevent the data from leaking. The guarding system has the PIN code and the pattern lock and you can even lock with two types of password and you even have the most interesting applock theme. The applock cannot be maintained till you enter the right password. You can even customise the lock mode and can even cause locking of the different apps under various circumstances.

The Perfect Functioning of the Applock

The applock can have an automatic and intelligent locking of the several applications and this is done on the basis of time and location. The applock is extremely safe and fast. It causes privacy security scanning. With a single click you can scan the privacy status of the mobile and this way you can detect the privacy loophole. You can even do a smart scanning of the phone to analyse all the newly added photos, apps, videos and the rest. The steps are simple and can easily guide you to hide all the secret information in time.

The Safe Box Façade of the Applock

The Leo Privacy Applockalso acts as the safe box. It can lock and hide at the same time. Inside the pp you have the private vault and this is where you can hide all your private data. If you don’t want the contact or the call log to be exposed you can make the safe use of the applocking system. In fact, the Privacy Guard is sure to help you stay protected in every step. The privacy guard even conducts Wi-Fi security scanning and it is the best network protector on earth.

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