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Grow your Email List with GetResponse- The Best Business Tool

If you are into the blogging world for a while now then you might know that one of the major sources of income is building your email list. One of the major reason of building your own email list is that you will have only those people in your tribe who are associated or interested in your stuff or who are ready for buying the products which you offer. In the era of Penguin or Google Panda, you really can’t think of earning profits from an online business without building an email list. So, it is the right time to start focusing on building your own email list. Most of the people who are into online business ask a simple question when it comes about the best email auto-responder. Though there are numerous tools available out there, yet we would recommend you to use GetResponse which has got amazing features to offer at affordable prices.

GetResponse is used as a 3-in-1 tool package,

1. Building an email list

2. Creating landing pages

3. Conducting webinars for boosting email list

So, here we are with an in-depth review of GetResponse. Come on! Let’s jump in.

Reasons to use GetResponse

Affordable Pricing


The primary and the most major reason of using GetResponse is its affordable pricing. It offers all the features, including analytics tracking, split testing and many more advanced features in just $15 per month with 1000 subscribers. It even allow the business to send unlimited newsletters to their subscribers.

Responsive Email Design

Nowadays, people are moving into tablet and smartphone industry and thus prefer opening and reading their mails on their smartphones itself. If you don’t have amazing auto-responder, then your subscribers won’t be able to read their mails. With GetResponse, the businesses can easily send responsive mails to their subscribers and they can easily access them through their iPad or smartphone or tablet. It is one of the major features which makes GetResponse stands out well in the market against the other online business tools.

A/B or Split Testing

Performing the A/B or split testing on the multiple pages of your website helps in increasing the conversion rates, subscribers and sales of your products and business. It significantly help the businesses in finding the best email newsletter which can get maximum open rates.

Online Surveys

GetResponse even helps in creating online surveys for analysing the market, customer needs and frustrations. With GetResponse, it is easy to create as well as perform the surveys. It even helps in analysing about who opened the survey, clicked the links and much more.

Drag-n-Drop Email Creator

No matter whether you are a tech savvy or not, GetResponse can help you in creating amazing emails with its drag-n-drop email creator. The users just need to pick few elements and write their emails. That’s it. Rest will be done by the email creator itself.

Excellent Email Delivery Rate

GetResponse offer the businesses with a guarantee of 99% email delivery rate. This significantly means that if you are using GetResponse, then you have less chances for your newsletters to land in the spam boxes. GetResponse has got amazing anti-spam policy which makes your emails whitelisted. We can say that you and your business is in safe hands.

Time Travel

GetResponse is the only business marketing tool which offer a time travel feature for delivering the emails. With just one click, the users can send emails to any country. It is a significant way of getting more response at a perfect time from all over the world. It helps in allow the mails to travel and hit the mail boxes at the perfect time. Isn’t it amazing guys?


GetResponse is one of the best business auto-responders available as it allow the businesses to email a customized welcome message to all the new subscribers.

Webinar Tool

GetResponse is a great webinar tool and is the first online business marketing service which provide the businesses with a dedicated tool for increasing the emailopt-in rates and leads. The businesses can host the webinars according to their pricing plans.

Email Optin Forms

GetResponse offer the business with its built-in email optin forms which can be edited and customized accordingly. It is a huge plus for those people who are using the email auto-responder for the first time. The built-in forms actually attract more visitors and look great. Businesses can use as many built-in forms they want to which can help in growing the email list at a faster rate. The 5 such places on a website where you can use built-in forms include About Us page, top of the sidebar, end of each post, footer and header bar.

Final Words

Yes, it is quite difficult to pic the best email marketing tool for your business which can help in growing your email list. And the major factors to look before buying any email marketing tool must include affordable price, reliable and better deliverability rate. All these features are available in GetResponse with a high email delivery rate at 99% and start pricing package of $15 per month.

Before buying its premium package, start with its 30-day trial and share your experience.