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Grand Theft Auto 5 official website becomes travelogue for Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto 5 official website

Rockstar has updated the official Grand Theft Auto 5 website with an interactive travelogue that explains the setting of the upcoming open world game. The travelogue likes to poke some fun at the current political and socio-economic status of the real world with parodies and tongue-in-cheek references.

Right now, the travelogue only has ten of Los Santos’ attractions viewable. More seem to be “Coming Soon”, so we can assume that Rockstar will slowly introduce the rest of the travelogue as we get closer to GTA 5’s release date.


Experience the scenic beauty of Los Santos and the Blaine County

Currently, you can check out details about fast cars, a thriving economy, affordable healthcare, the great outdoors, accessible air travel, shopping and glamour, the political scenario, vehicular customisation, beaches and watersports and the friendly neighbours of Los Santos and the Blaine County.

Eventually, we’ll be able to see exciting music and entertainment, exclusive country clubs, sightseeing and celebrities, local artisans, fitness and relaxation, lovely accomodations, 24-hour convenience stores, security and peace of mind, serenity and wellness and opportunities for the upwardly mobile.

The updated website is a great place to get a feel for the kind of satire that will be present in the game. For example, the website pokes some fun at Los Santos’ gang problems as well as the ever-present cult—the Epsilon Program—in the “Friendly Neighbours” section with its description: “The streets are alive with all kinds of characters who coordinate clothing colors and enjoy leisure pursuits such as territory clashes and pharmaceutical commerce. Stop and chat with a member of The Epsilon Program for some enlightenment, or head to Blaine County, where they always extend a helping hand to outsiders.”


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