Grabbing the most suitable career option after B. Des in fashion design

The fashion industry is an exceptionally evolving domain as professionals in this subject area always try to find ways of creating visually aesthetic designs and products. Even the job profiles in this industry are transforming drastically. People used to consider fashion designers as the ultimate torchbearers of the fashion industry. Still, we cannot expect the progression of this industry without inputs from stylists, compilers, fashion editors, fashion critics, fashion bloggers, coordinators, and many others. We have yet to compile the list of all those professionals holding on to a major position in this industry. But don’t let this scare you, as B. Des in fashion design can help you to settle in some of the most demanding career options in the fashion industry, including the ones mentioned below:

fashion design

  • Fashion stylists: Designers, bloggers, top-notch clothing brands, fashion boutiques, and many other famous personalities hire fashion stylists to make a perfect fashion statement. A fashion stylist is responsible for selecting the perfect color combinations with the outfits that would go flawlessly with a specific occasion. Their job is to synchronize with all the characteristics of a person’s visual aesthetics to make them appear as stylish and pleasing as possible. They do a lot of research and keep up with all the latest trends in the fashion industry to style their clients with a modern look. They are also in charge of consulting brands for sourcing material from diverse manufacturers. If you aspire to be a fashion stylist, you must focus on photo shoots, advertisements, political campaigns, music videos, and other movie stars to better understand this job profile.
  • Fashion editors: Prominent fashion brands and publications are always on the hunt for professional fashion editors so that they can purview their expertise in their magazines, cover pages, and other related items. Their job profile is not limited to the fashion industry but encompasses various sectors related to news outlets, journals, publications, magazines, and others. They have to pitch, edit, report, and coordinate with the publishing sector professionals to bring out the next big edition of their magazines. You cannot expect this job profile to be limited to the responsibilities above, as they have to find ways of building an acquaintance between the latest trends and the target audiences through their media outlets. Strong writing skills are required to excel in this domain.
  • Fashion bloggers: If you have a passion for fashion and creative writing, you must consider this career opportunity. It must be surprising for you to know that according to a survey by Harper’s Bazaar, brands and designers spent almost a billion dollars advertising their products on Instagram in 2019. So, you can understand the significance of becoming a fashion blogger. You have to work on your creative writing skills and focus on the current trends and practices being incorporated into the fashion industry. Review top designers, clothing brands, or those that interest you the most. It will eventually help you gain accessibility and will, in turn, increase your popularity.

Numerous other career options include photography, product development, design samplers and buyers, graphic design, export industry, fashion retail, and many others. However, it is advised to pursue a full-time course in fashion design tto better understand the basic concepts in the fashion industry. So, it’s better to sign up for a class now.

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