GPS computers for bicycle racing

Whether you’re a numbers nerd obsessed by using marginal gains or an intrepid two-wheeled explorer who desires to get off the overwhelmed tune, the quality bike computer systems – and GPS motorcycle computer systems in particular – have revolutionized the way riders plan their rides and tune their schooling.

Long gone are the days of cumbersome motorcycle computer systems with awkward wires and wheel magnets. Today’s GPS computer systems are a world far from the designs of vintage, pulling information directly from satellites flying excessive above Planet Earth or seamlessly – and wirelessly – communicating with smart sensors someplace else on the bike or your frame.

In fact, uploading your laptop’s ride facts to Strava and poring over the numbers has emerged as a vital post-ride ritual for plenty cyclists, comparing your overall performance from one week to the next, or searching out new regions to pedal.

Not all GPS motorbike computer systems are created equal, though. With an extensive range of alternatives, from less than £one hundred to nearly £500, and a number of rival manufacturers vying for your interest, it’s easy to emerge as beaten when scoping out the first-class motorcycle computer for you. Fear not; we’ve were given all of the critical data you want, as well as my pick of the great motorcycle computers available on the market these days.

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What is a great GPS computer for cyclists?

Three brands sit down at the pinnacle of the tree in terms of the nice motorbike computer systems: Wahoo, Garmin, and Lezyne. All provide a line-up of pinnacle-notch computers, with a variety of options depending on the capabilities required and, crucially, finances. However, the Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt is my pick out of the bunch as the excellent all-round motorbike laptop, thanks to the large spread of capabilities, slick design, and keen rate.
Buying the first-class GPS motorcycle computer: what you need to know

Two matters ought to determine the high-quality motorcycle computer for you: the capabilities required and the amount of cash you are inclined to part with. Needless to mention, the extra you spend, the greater superior your pc maybe, but that’s no longer constantly a terrific element.

If you’re after a simple device to display the naked fundamentals, then the number of configurable alternatives on pinnacle-stop computer systems may be complicated. Similarly, in case you’re a performance-obsessed rider who wishes complex information at your fingertips, or you plan on using your laptop to head exploring, you then don’t want to be allowed down through a lackluster choice.

Ultimately, you have four foremost things to don’t forget when buying a GPS bike laptop – mapping and navigation, facts and connectivity, show and interface, and battery existence – so let’s quickly run via every of these that will help you to make the quality preference.

Broadly speaking, GPS computer systems fall into classes: people with mapping and those without. Computers with distinct mapping and flip-with the aid of-flip navigation will fee more than those designed really to show experience statistics (even though they will also have primary mapping capability). If you like to discover through motorcycle, buying a GPS pc with mapping and navigation is an extremely good way to head into unchartered territory, without getting absolutely lost.

Most computers with navigational functionality will assist you to both directly enter a destination, with the laptop then putting together a direction (often the use of quiet roads popular with different riders), or to design and add your own path using the logo’s software program. Unless you’re already out at the bike and going someplace on a whim, the latter is a far better option. Computers that provide flip-with the aid of-turn navigation will can help you understand precisely how far you need to pass earlier than, nicely, turning, however, it’s well worth bearing in mind that this can position a strain in your tool’s battery existence.

On a totally primary degree, all GPS motorbike computers will show simple facts like velocity (modern/average/maximum), time and distance (experience/overall), but that’s best scratching the surface of the functionality of most units.

All credible GPS computers will provide either Ant+ or Bluetooth Smart connectivity (often both), which in turn permits you to pair the pc with various 1/3-celebration devices, which includes coronary heart fee monitors, strength meters and cadence sensors. These will then return a wealth of associated records.

Bluetooth Smart connectivity can even allow your pc to display call, textual content and e-mail alerts when paired together with your smartphone, at the same time as some gadgets have integrated WiFi to automatically upload your trip to Strava and so forth once you get domestic.

In reality, the facts served up through extra advanced GPS motorbike computers, whether or not that’s from the device itself or a paired sensor, is so good-sized that you’re not likely to use it all. Far from it. Still, if there’s a specific feature you’re after, check out your favored laptop’s specifications.

As for the display, your computer will both have a black-and-white or coloration display. In some times, a black-and-white display screen will provide an advanced comparison, but a shade display will allow greater detail. Ultimately it comes all the way down to desire and budget.

Screen length is likewise really worth considering: bigger is generally higher for mapping and navigation, but the most important devices can be a chunk bulky. All GPS computers will permit you to customize how facts are organized on the display screen, with multiple fields spread across a couple of pages, so that you will have the most important numbers right in the front of you and the much less important stuff a short click or scroll away.

On that be aware, maximum computer systems will rely on bodily buttons to perform the device, however more costly devices will have a touchscreen. We generally tend to choose buttons as touchscreens can be temperamental whilst included in water or in case you are carrying gloves.
The exceptional GPS motorcycle computers, in order

The ELEMNT Bolt is Wahoo’s mid-variety GPS computer and, by using our reckoning, is the first-rate all-round option available to serious cyclists. In quick, the compact unit gives all the records a performance-minded rider could need, with splendid mapping, flip-through-flip navigation and dazzling battery lifestyles. Crucially, it’s a breeze to use – and that surely can’t be stated for some top-stage motorcycle computer systems.

Wahoo Fitness changed into best based in 2009 and, as such, the company’s merchandise rely heavily on tech integration – at the same time as the ELEMNT Bolt may be used without a smartphone, it works first-rate with an Android or Apple tool. The Wahoo accomplice app makes customizing the computer’s displays a cinch, with greater than 170 data subject options to pick from, and permits you to add routes to the device at the clicking of a button.

On pinnacle of that, Bluetooth Smart and Ant+ connectivity guarantees compatibility with quite a number third-birthday party sensors, at the same time as Wi-Fi will routinely whisk your ride information to Strava while you go back domestic from education.

The laptop itself is also dead-simple to use, and information, mapping, and navigation are all honestly displayed on the two.2-inch screen. It’s no longer shade, nor is it a touchscreen, but the black-and-white show guarantees great evaluation. That stated, if navigation is your primary priority, there are computer systems available with bigger and extra specific screens. The Garmin Edge 520 Plus has the, erm, edge in that regard. Note also that you may want the Ride with GPS or Komoot apps for routing.

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