Got a DUI? Here’s What To Do Right Now

If you just got pulled over and charged for a DUI, then you probably have a lot of thoughts and panic running through your head. Don’t make stupid mistakes that will get you into even more trouble. Here are three things you should do right now if you just got a DUI.

Write down all the details.

As soon as you can document information, sit down and write down every detail, you can think about your DUI events. These details can be the make-or-break point of you winning or losing a case. Even if it seems insignificant, write it down. It’s important to do this immediately as your memory will fade as time goes on, and you have the best chances of remembering minute details as close to the event as possible. Here are some questions you can use to jog your memory:


When were you stopped? Where were you stopped? What reason did the officer give for your stop? Did they administer a breath test? What kind of breath test device was it? What did you tell the officer about what you had to eat or drink? What sort of sobriety tests did they do?

Take the time to write down everything you can remember, but keep it confidential. You’ll thank yourself for doing this later.

Find witnesses

Thinking back to your DUI details, start to make a list of potential witnesses in your case. Who did you interact with that day leading up to the DUI event? Are there other friends, family, or acquaintances you can ask to testify on your behalf in court? It may be helpful to have a character witness – someone who was present when the events happen but can testify your character strength.

Gather as many witnesses as you can, and get them to make their statements quickly. If they are going to help your case, you need to collect details quickly so their memories don’t fade and blur.

Hire a DUI lawyer

One of the most important things to do as soon as you get into any DUI trouble is hiring a great lawyer. Your lawyer will provide you counsel, defend you in course, and give you the best possible chance of a positive outcome with your case.

The bottom line is: DUI cases involve a lot of science. Having a lawyer on your side who is familiar with the process and all the pieces involved in testing reports and evidence is crucial. If your arrestor didn’t follow one specific scientific procedure in your DUI process, it might negate the entire case. Hiring a lawyer with experience in forensic science will definitely work in your favor.

And don’t just hire the first lawyer you meet with – work quickly, but work smart. Find someone who’s close by to where you live, so they are accessible (for example, if you live in Portland, a great place to start your search for a lawyer is by searching, “DUI Attorney Portland Oregon.”)

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