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Google sheds light on Glass in new FAQ

Google Glass.
Google Glass.

these of you still in the dead of night about Google Glass will find a host of details by the use of a brand new online FAQ.

Posted on Tuesday, the FAQ addresses a slew of questions it sounds as if sent to Google through folks curious about the eye ware. Divided into four sections, the FAQ first addresses such normal questions as what precisely is Glass, what does Glass do, and when will Glass be on hand to all shoppers.

The 2d section dives into more small print with the aid of explaining the appeal of the monitor, the technical specs, the storage capacity, and the options for individuals who wear prescription glasses.

The 0.33 part discusses the delicate topic of privacy, an merchandise that has brought about fears amongst congressional leaders. Google has tried to waylay such concerns with the aid of announcing that glass customers have regulate over the information they share with the company. The FAQ additionally explains how non-Glass wearers can tell if their image is being taken through a glass user. And Glass owners can in finding out what to do if their software is misplaced or stolen.

the ultimate part delves into the world of instrument for Glass, as Google outlines its plans for 0.33-birthday party purposes.

Google Glass has generated a number of buzz, but certainly there may be still some confusion and subject in regards to the excessive-tech specs, particularly within the area of privacy. The brand new FAQ is a step in the suitable route if Google hopes to solve one of the crucial mystery.