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Google Nexus 6 – Of Churning Rumor Mills and Exciting Speculations

The hype and anxiety these days, surrounding the release of a new mobile device, is almost comparable to that of expecting a rescue ship whisking you away from the confines of an abandoned space station, leaking oxygen! Okay…we might have gone overboard in search of an analogy, but you do get the point. There’re millions around the world today, who confess experiencing sleepless nights, when it comes to a new mobile device being released. And when the rumor mills start churning about the apparent arrival of a new Google Nexus device, the Google Nexus 6 to be precise; the buzz, the anxiety, and the anticipation is all justified.

So, what exactly makes the Google Nexus 6 such a highly craved-for gadget?

  • It inherits the brand reliability of Google and the legacy of the Nexus clan of mobile devices. Remember the web going crazy over the news of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 smartphones selling out like hot cakes? So, when the official Android Twitter channel tweets a new Google service, displayed on a spanking new smartphone, the grapevine goes crazy with activity. Here, we try to discern fact from fiction, and what can actually be expected from a Google Nexus 6.
  • There is no denying the success of the Google Nexus 5. And believe in Google trying to extend and augment its already successful features! So, we are talking about a Google Nexus 6 smartphone with a sleek and thin body that’s much slimmer than its predecessor. A metal body that completely outshines the mundane plastics of other manufacturers could also be a reality. The display is expected to be large, at least 5 inches, with image enhancement technology and crystal clear resolution; affording enhanced readability in direct sunlight. Finger print sensors could also feature in the Nexus 6, improving its security features and keeping your device safe from unwarranted access.
  • With rumors rife about the impending launch of an Android 6.0 operating system, coined Milkshake; there wouldn’t be a better platform to showcase it than the Nexus 6! Underneath the hood, this Google smartphone could boast of a sizzling quick Octa processor that zips through your tasks and handles multiple apps simultaneously, without any hassles or lags. At least 4 GB or more of RAM is also a huge expectation from the Nexus 6. The combination of the powerful processor and RAM, if realized, is sure to create an operational benchmark for other competitors to beat.
  • Enhanced imaging can also be expected from the Nexus 6, with many users anticipating a camera upwards of 15MP in the smartphone, along with a powerful, hi-res front camera too. A powerful and efficient battery and a host of lightning-fast connectivity options should make the Nexus 6 every aspiring smartphone owner’s dream device.


Popular opinion is that the Google Nexus 6 would be launched at the end of the year, but if past experiences and astute industry observers are to be believed, the launch might be delayed to the next year! We expect the Nexus 6 to be pricier than its predecessor but quite cheaper compare to its contemporaries – as has been the trend with Google devices. More bang for your buck has been Google’s mantra and the company has delivered so far. Fingers crossed, the Google Nexus 6, when launched, will satisfy the humongous anticipations of Android loyalists, worldwide.