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Google launches campaign to help India use Search better

Google launches campaign to help India

Google has kicked off a new campaign, called Start Searching India, from Chandigarh. The Internet giant is aiming to help Internet users in the country get the most out of Google Search.

The campaign is trying to promote tips and tricks on how to use Google Search better, in order to receive instant answers when users enter a query. You can get instant Google Now-like carded responses within Google Search for queries like weather information, restaurants, ATMs, flight information and more.

Search for flight timings, calculations and more

Search for flight timings, calculations and more

These tips on what keywords to use to optimise your search results on Google can be found on, where you can choose a category of  the kind of information you would like to search for from the navigation menu on the left. You will be able to see tricks on receiving instant information of your query.


The feature was officially launched in Chandigarh on Monday by Google India’s Marketing Director, Sandeep Menon. “Today the next billion users are making the leap from no Internet to mobile Internet, without ever having used a desktop computer,” he said. “We are glad to see this user pool making Google Search synonymous to Internet usage.”

Talking further about the the need to launch this campaign, Menon said, “For the first two decades of its existence, Google Search largely relied on matching keywords. Now we are finally moving towards our vision of the perfect search engine: one that understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you need. A perfect assistant should be able to help you with the information you need right at a moment’s notice. We’re working towards a search experience where Google can give you relevant information right at your fingertips.”

With the Internet becoming an integral part of towns and villages within the heart of India, it is becoming essential for huge services like Google to be able to provide simple, yet meaningful results quickly. Menon says that Search has always strived to be an ideal assistant, understanding what you mean and giving you information that you need.

Of course, most regular Internet users in India would have seen the card-based search result page that appears when you search for simple things like a location, the meaning of a word or even simple calculations, already. However, this new campaign will make it easier and more convenient for users to know what exactly to look for the next time they need information from Google.