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Google introduces product listing ads in India

Google introduces product listing ads

Google is rolling out a new format of advertising for products and brands in the country. The search engine will now display prices and availability of products even as you run a a routine search query.

According to the new Products Listing Ads model, Google will show richer product information, such as product image, price, and merchant name, without you requiring to type in additional keywords or ad text. The clicks on these ads will be charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) or conversion-focused cost-per-acquisition (CPA) percentage basis.

“The new format on Google.co.in under ‘product listing ads’ menu will help users find and compare products and prices with their images and links,” the company said in a statement about the new advertising model.

Comparison model in action

Comparison model in action

Now when you search for a specific product, say the Nexus 4, Google will display prices and availability on various advertising websites. It will also display details of similar products on participating websites. This will be visible in the right-hand corner of Google Search, under the category “Shop on Google”. You can try this model out by typing in a search query for a product or gadget on Google.co.in and see the relevant results.

Google is confident that this format will enable merchants to showcase their products better on the website as a visual medium. Even as the Indian retail ecosystem is growing at a breakneck speed, advertising spends on Google are increasing by the day. Besides showing ads in a pinkish box in the beginning and end of search results, merchants will be able to draw in more customers with the display on the right.

The fact that this is a comparison model will also add to the value of the ads. It will promote competitive rates that will benefit the customer in the end. Product Listing Ads has been created in order to urge merchants to promote their products on Google’s own service Google Shopping. The Internet giant says that it will help advertisers create a more engaging experience.