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Going Back To School – How to Save Money on School Supply

A new school year is a great educational challenge but it’s also a big challenge to parents’ pockets. That’s why we put together a few pointers of ways you could save.

  1.  Shop Early

Most schools send out a copy of the new supply list on the last day of the school term. That gives you all summer to shop around for deals, to look in at yard sales and other opportunities. Even if they don’t send you a list, you can be sure that your kids will need items like binders, paper and glue so keep your eyes peeled for bargains.

  1.  Check your home supplies

You aren’t obliged to buy everything new! Have a good search around at home and see what can be recycled for another school year. Rout out those backpacks, lunch boxes, pencil pouches, rulers, calculators and pencil sharpeners – they are all ready for repeat service!

  1.  Student Discounts

Showing your school I.D. could have amazing consequences. You will find that many technology and clothing companies will offer discounts of up to 40%.

  1.  Shop Late

You don’t have to buy new school clothes immediately. Get your kids to try on last year’s outfit, see what still fits and if you need replacements, head for the seasonal sales. You can make some real savings.


  1.  Cheap is expensive

It does make sense to buy quality goods because they tend to last longer and are more likely to last through for a second or even a third school year. Cheap stuff just won’t last the course.

  1.  Don’t Buy Everything at Once

Your kids won’t be barred from school if you don’t buy the whole lost in one swoop. You can get better deals if you watch the sales flyers and buy what’s on sale each week. A lot of the big chains run these special sales at the start of the school year and you will find that many of the items on the school list can be found in these sales.

  1.  There are cheaper activities around

If you think it’s all over when  the school bell rings, think again. Children expect to go to dance classes, school trips, music lessons, science groups and the like. It is really worth your while to do some research in your area to see if there are cheaper alternatives in local parks or community centers which can be every bit as good but a good deal cheaper.

  1.  You can save on lunch supplies

There are back-to-school sales at grocery stores as well so that’s a great opportunity to buy up all your kids’ lunch box favorites whilst they are at such low prices.  And don’t forget to check for coupons before you go to the shop because the chances are that there’s probably a coupon to cover most lunch box items.

  1.  And an afterthought…..

If you need some financial support to boost your school budget, don’t forget that you can get up to $20,000 in an hour with online car title loans.

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