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Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

In the world of the internet and modern technology, lovers of true paper books can be few and far between. However, if you know an avid book reader who loves everything to do with books and reading, there are plenty of things that you can give as gifts when birthdays and Christmas come around. Here are some of the best gift ideas for the book lovers in your life.

  1. Periodic Table of World Literature

This is a popular item which is very educational and great for putting up on the wall. The Period Table of Water Literature is a quirky combination of literary figures and scientific facts. This gift is even more perfect if you know somebody who loves both reading and science! With more than authors authors listed chronologically on this literary period table, it’ll bring a smile to the face of any book fan.

  1. Book of Quotes

If there is a particular author which the book lover likes, such as Shakespeare or Oscar Wilde, you can purchase books which are full of their most famous, infamous and not-so-well-known quotes. A great gift for anybody wanted to learn more about a particular author, you can also buy similar gifts but in the forms of posters.

  1. New Book Scented Candle

A different gift, this scented candles comes from a company fittingly named Pages, and has a scent which is supposed to resemble a new book, as can be guessed by the name of the product. With hints of white ginger and sweet pine too, any book lover with be thrilled at the thought of curling up on the couch with a good book and lighting their new favourite candle!

  1. Ebooks and Ebook readers

If you know somebody who has swore they will never give up their “real” books for an electronic one, why not treat them to an Ebook or Amazon Kindle which might change their mind forever? These handy devices are useful for many things, but one of the main reasons is that they take up significantly less space than paper books and you can keep thousands of books on there at once. Tell the book lover that even if they don’t want to give up their paper books for good, this will come in useful on occasions, if nothing else! You can find a Kobo promo code from Ebates and download several books at reduced prices before you even give the gift.