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GetResponse vs Constant Contact: Why I Prefer the Former?


I am a fan of GetResponse (GR) and will recommend it over any other email marketing service provider. There are many other providers, with Constant Contact being something that comes the closest to it. There are many reasons why GR is so effective and all those who have used it will agree with me.

Convenience is one of the main factors that give GetResponse. Price is the second factor.

Setting up Email Campaign with GetResponse

When setting up your campaigns with GetResponse, you can create multiple campaigns for maximum impact. You could segment for different categories such as promotions, newsletters and much more, all of which make email marketing easier.

This allows me to send the particular type of email to a particular group, rather than sending all my emails to my entire list. The key to success with email marketing (or any form of marketing) is to send the right message to the right group of people. GR allows me to do that without any complications.

Appropriate email segments helps in boosting my conversion and open rates, and in ensuring that the subscriptions remain in control.

Setting up campaigns is fast in GR. It requires following these steps:

  • Open the ‘Create Campaign’
  • Choose the campaign name and click “create new campaign”
  • Click “edit campaign settings”

You will find 2 crucial options – ‘notifications’ and ‘campaign email address’.

There are some advanced settings options too and I occasionally use them.

GetResponse is better than Constant Contact on almost all the factors. Both the email service providers (ESPs) allow sending out innovative and action-based newsletters. But GR goes a step further and has larger number of options when it comes to:

  • Action or event-based autorresponse
  • RSS to email
  • Landing page creation

When I used Constant Contact (CC) I realized that they were limited to offering just simple autoresponders and RSS-to-email features. I had to move onto GR to find something more advanced. In simple terms, it allows me to run highly customized and feature-rich campaigns.

Customized Newsletters


When it comes to creating my newsletters, I find GetResponse far better than CC. There are over 500 templates from GR while the latter boasts 400. But the former offers responsive designs and over a thousand iStockphoto images. Besides, I can do more with the templates by editing them and customizing them to my own unique needs.

I can also add videos to my newsletters and conduct A/B testing as many times as I want. I think that’s lots of resources and flexibility which is not available in the case of CC.



I rely a lot on email analytics to tweak and improve my campaigns. CC does offer analytics tools but they are more basic. They provide me metrics or email and auto responder. GR is again better in this department. It provides me with a wider choice with different metrics.

The wider email sending features make things even more useful when it comes to learning how my campaigns are working. Some of the most beneficial features include:

  • Goal tracking
  • Social sharing statistics
  • Email client statistics
  • Advanced subscription statistics

With all these tools, it is easy for me to continuously improve my campaigns and results.

Building my List

Again I find it easier and faster to build my list with GR. It provides me more tools to grow my contacts. On the other hand CC isn’t as easy and fast to work with. Some of the main features that help me include:

  • Single opt-in
  • List import
  • Web forms
  • Custom fields
  • Segmentation
  • GetSubscribers (add-on for lead generation)

There is also social integration to collect new contacts.

Email Deliverability

This is where both GetResponse and CC come close. Both have excellent email deliverability. Both offer features like email scheduling, A/B testing, and even time zone segmenting. But GR has a slight edge here too. It has connections with more third-parties including EEC, OTA, and ESPC. This means I don’t have to fear my emails ending up in my target audience’s spam folders.

Inbox Preview


This is a powerful feature from GetResponse that I find to be something unique to this ESP. It allows me to get a preview of all the newsletters I intend to send before I click the ‘send’ button. It allows me to test against all the leading email clients including Gmail, Yahoo, and others.

Besides, the feature also gives me previews of my emails on all the leading mobile platforms including Android and iOS devices. With smartphones and tablets taking on the world like anything I cannot afford to ignore my target audience that accesses emails on their mobile devices.

The Inbox Preview allows me to quickly get a view of my newsletters as they will appear in different types of inboxes and edit them. So I will already know how they will look when my audiences receive them.

Customer Support Quality

When it comes to customer support quality, GR seems to be better than CC. Both have friendly customer support teams but I find the GetResponse team more knowledgeable. Both provide support services through email, live chat and phone. But GR has more expansive global reach. This means support in more languages. Although English will suffice for me, I think their support in French, Russian, Italian, Japanese and many more languages makes things easier for businesses from worldwide.

However, both the ESPs provide lots of information resources. Most of the queries can be answered by checking the FAQs, whitepapers and videos.



My email list is just over 8,000 and I can easily see that GetResponse is the more economical plan. It costs me just $65 per month. Comparatively, CC charges $85 per month. That’s a lot of difference for me on an annual level. Even if we compare them at different levels, we will find GR to be far better. Their plan for up to 500 contacts starts at just $15. On the other hand, Constant Contact has it starting from $20. The prices for the Email Plus plan from CC are even higher.

GR is easily the better of the two and still costs significantly less. That’s certainly a big positive for it. Besides, it can support a far larger email list than Constant Contact. Considering the price factor and wider options and features of GR, I don’t think I have any reason to switch back to CC.


There are many other features that give my ESP the edge. GetResponse is far better whether it is about importing my contacts, creating mobile-friendly landing pages and newsletters, or doing anything else. Besides, even the price factor is in my favor. I am fully satisfied with it and will recommend it to others. It can be called the perfect email marketing provider if you are looking for great features, valuable analytics, and great support – all for affordable pricing.

I have already used Constant Contact in the past and I am happy that I came across GR and moved up. I have tried a few other major providers too, even more popular ones, but GetResponse is even better than them. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to get the most out of their email marketing campaign!