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Gamers, D-Link has a router for you

Gamers D-Link Has A  router


There might be a real solution to your online gaming at home after all, thanks to D-Link.

The networking vendor announced today at CES 2013 the first 802.11ac-based router designed specifically for gamers, which it aptly calls Gaming Router (model DGL-5500). In a way this is the first major upgrade to the first router of this type, the DGL-4500 GamerLouge, that D-Link released more than four years ago

And this seems an upgrade that’s worth the wait.

Intelligent Internet management  router

The DGL-5500 is the first router on the market to support the new StreamBoost technology that Qualcomm announced just a few days ago. It’s also the first router on the market to utilize the 802.11ac chip from Qualcomm, as opposed to the similar chips from Broadcom found in most existing 802.11ac routers.

In a nutshell, the StreamBoost technology allows the router to monitor intelligently, and gives the connected client the exact amount of Internet it needs at any given time, instead of treating all Internet services as download bandwidth at all times (which is what most existing routers do). This results in more real-time bandwidth being available for other connected devices.

In other words, StreamBoost is similar to Quality of Service (QoS) but much more intelligent.

That said, the DGL-5500 is possibly the first router on the market that is able to truly fine tune bandwidth to deliver the best possible Internet performance for homes that have multiple connected devices.

True dual-band with top 802.11ac speed  router

The new Gaming Router is a true dual-band router that offers up to 1300Mbps Wi-Fi data rates when used with an 802.11a client. For existing Wi-Fi clients, it also offers up to 450Mbps on its 2.4Ghz frequency band and 5Ghz band, at the same time.

For wired clients, the Gaming Router comes with a four Gigabit LAN port and one Gigabit WAN port. It also comes with one USB port to host a storage device or a printer. Design-wise, the new router has a cyclic shape, similar to that of the DIR-645 Whole Home router.

The all-new Gaming Router DGL-5500 is set to be available by the end of spring, with pricing coming then then. Make sure you check back for the full review.

source – cnet