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What Makes A Game Reach the Top 10 in the PC Charts ?

With so many genres available in the gaming world, it is hard to define the elements that turn a run of the mill PC game into a best-selling hit that every gamer wants to get their hands on. Over the years many PC games have come and gone but some continue to capture the imagination years after their release.

There are many types of PC game, including simulation, strategy, first person shooters and role play. The Sims series, where you create a virtual world, is perhaps the most famous simulation game and continues to remain a best seller. Some of the most popular real time strategy games include Star Craft and Age of Empires series, while the latest versions of Warhammer and Warcraft lift role play to a new dimension, with hundreds of players converging to play online.

But just what is it that makes games such as these so popular? Why is it that some games sink without a trace, while others continue to stand the test of time and spawn series after series? A little research will indicate there are a number of common factors that are found in a game that makes the top 10 PC games chart:

Good storyline

Just like a good movie, a game with a strong storyline that twists and turns along the way and has an element of surprise will keep the player hooked. An exciting plot will draw players in and help them to imagine they are part of the story.

Strong characters

Having a hero or heroine that you admire and want to emulate is likely to be a big draw. According to research, people are more likely to play games where they can identify with or see themselves as the central character.


We live in a visual world and good graphics are integral to most PC games. A fantastic storyline and strong characters will only go so far. Good graphics will make the game even more realistic and help draw players in.


There’s nothing quite like music to set the scene and enhance the mood and feel of a game. From the irritatingly catchy and slightly sinister soundtrack on Plants Vs Zombies to the soaring orchestral soundtrack from Oblivion, scores from PC games span all musical genres.


A multiplayer aspect enablesplayers to combine gaming with social experiences. Games are more fun when played against others and multiplayer gaming provides ample opportunities to interact and make new friends.

These five features all combine in various ways to enhance the gaming experience, drawing players into another realm and ensuring they come back for more. Of course, ultimately, different games appeal to different people and we all have varying opinions on what makes a good game, great. Some gamers prefer simple puzzle games, while others prefer realistic war games, zombie chillers or futuristic sci-fi action games set in distant galaxies.

Robin Smith is a seasoned games reviewer. Heis regularly reviewing his own personal list of what makes the top 10 PC games in the world.