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Gadgets and gizmos for the little ones at home

Keeping your young children entertained, engaged, and safe in the home is essential and there is no shortage of gadgets and gizmos available to assist parents.

In these cost conscious times the good news is that you do not have to spend huge amounts of money catering for your child’s needs. A small number of well-chosen items can be more than enough to keep your child engaged and safe in the home.

The temptation when investing in gadgets for kids is to go high-tech and that is understandable. We do live in an era defined by easy access to technology. Not everything has to be state-of-the-art, however, and some of the simplest toys for young children are great for stimulating their minds and encouraging both play and learning.

Choosing the right toys can seem daunting, not least because there are so many different types to choose from. Select those that are age-appropriate and match your child’s development and abilities. What’s appropriate for a one-year-old is going to be completely different from what’s suitable for a preschool-aged child.

The former will be learning their first words and experimenting, making board books with simple illustrations and large puzzles ideal. The latter will have a longer attention span and be inquisitive, so blocks for building complex structures and more advanced picture books are great toys for stimulating and educating them.

If you are going to go down the road of buying a high-tech device for your young child or toddler, then choose something that has a physical element to it. Evidence shows that children learn best when there is a physical component to whatever it is they are playing with. There are toys available that combine physical, hands-on-play with features accessible via an iPad or other tablet device.

There is one area where technology has a significant role to play and that is child safety. Something like a video baby monitor that links to your smartphone is a great way of keeping a child safe in the home. You can move freely around the home while your child sleeps safe in the knowledge that you can monitor any movements they make simply by looking at the screen on your phone.

Wearable devices are increasingly popular among adults, whether for monitoring athletic performance or tracking health indicators such as body temperature and blood pressure. As a parent, wearable devices for kids may be of equal interest. You could have 360-degree vision,and still not catch yourwandering off, so a wearable global positioning system (GPS)-enabled deviceis a great way of ensuring you can find your child no matter where they wander.

Wearable devices for children need to be lightweight and durable, and advances in digital technology cater for both of those requirements. They usually come with an app you can download to yourApple or Android smartphone or tablet, enablingyou to link your child’s device with your own.

Any parent will tell you bathtime is an important part of their child’s routine. Keeping your child clean is essential of course, and bathing your baby or toddler is a better way of keeping their skin and hair clean than simply wiping them with a cloth. Massaging babies’ arms and legs in the bath helps improve their circulation too. Bathtime can also be a bonding exercise, so it has an emotional benefit as well, providing the opportunity to play together using everything from rubber ducks to more elaborate toys.

There isnow a variety of gizmos available for stimulating play at bathtime. If you are looking for something that hangs wet toys to dry, then a toy organizerthat will keep them free from mildew is the perfect solution. There can be enough clutter in a bathroom without the inconvenience of toys lying on the floor and filling upshelves, and a dry toy storage solution has the added benefit of keeping toys in good condition for a longer period of time.

Among the many things we want for our children is that they are safe and that they are engaged with the world around them. Using gadgets and technology to help achieve both gives you as a parent that extra piece of mind in caring for you children.