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Future of SEO & Google’s Search Algorithm 2015

SEO Services In India has been gaining widespread acceptance all over the world since the last decade. Internet usage splurge is adding to the popularity of digital media marketing, of which search engine optimization is major part. SEO Google updates 2015 is a set of rules and formulae, on the basis of which the search engine determines the validity and significance of the contents on a web page, and consequently, its ranking on the engine.

SEO India companies such as SEO Corporation have incorporated the updates in their processes owing to which such organizations are able to provide credible search engine services to those who are keen on promoting their companies on the digital platform. Ever since search engine optimization began to catch on with the creators of internet content, the primary search engine, Google, has been constantly improving its techniques and coming up with newer and better algorithms for SEO with each passing round.

Though, every year, Google issues a number of updates, a good number of these become obscure. Only the ones that carry a good usability level are able to make it to the books of an average user. Google algorithm change history is another Google update that refines their results of a search for a better user experience. Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and Hummingbird are just the beginning, Google yet to come with more algorithms.

Future of SEO & Google’s Search Algorithm 2015

Google has been updating its search algorithm constantly. In the process, it keeps refining the same. This provides users with much better results. It also helps them from refraining from the manipulation of results by SEO techniques that fail to be proper. So the question arises – How does this help Google then? With these updates the company has been trying to present in its results pages only those sites that actually give some value to users. Few of the most important Google algorithm updates have been Panda in 2011 and Penguin in 2012, the latter being particularly relevant in regards to inbound links to a site. Sites that provided less valuable content were penalized as these updates affected the SEO techniques significantly.

Since these updates were brought into use, many websites lost their ranks and were even banned as they were found indulging in improper link building practices. In May 22, 2013 the update Penguin 2.0 was released, and it made the indexing process more sophisticated. This update was an anti-spam update whose job was to identify sites that spammed users and provide zero valued content. This resulted in webmasters paying more attention in creating quality content and building links through methods that were proper and could be approved and appreciated. Therefore,these updates encouraged and changed the way webmasters optimize their sites. An SEO Company in India such as SEO Corporation is been seen as an ideal SEO organization by the budding companies due to the credible and proper optimization techniques they follow.

As we all know, it is now that the digital media has taken over as a storm the entire world, SEO is of the prime importance when it comes to digital marketing. So, it is advisable to go for SEO companies to to their part, but also at the same time, choose companies that are credible, and dedicated to providing you with results.