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French Learning Tips: A Guide for the Beginners

Learning French, just as it is the case with other languages, involve the usage of sufficient memorization techniques. One of the most beautiful languages in the world, this is regarded as one of the toughest languages to learn as well. Though owing to the comparatively complex syntax and the deformation of verbs, learning this language can be a little difficult for the beginners, it is hard to deny the fact that learning any language is difficult. However, it is really worth undertaking the trouble to learn this language.

French is a really beautiful language and you can perfect it over time. Here are the cheat sheets.

Listen to Podcasts

Spoken French and written French are completely different from each other and if you are eager to learn spoken French, you would be better off by using the audios. However, you can’t afford to pick up any audio available in the market. The speed is necessary and the content needs to adapt to your level as well. It is better not to use the movies for learning French as a beginner. You can watch them but that needs to be done solely for the purpose of entertainment rather than learning. With so many podcasts available online, it can be really a challenge to pick up the right one. Just make sure that you do not pick up something that is too challenging and instead opt for something where you can understand a significant part of the text.

Use a Dictionary

Dictionaries are an absolute must for the French learners. You can use the English to French dictionary to find the suitable French words for English and if you do not know the meaning of a given word, you can consult the French-English dictionary.

You must be well aware of the value of dictionaries in learning a new language and this is the case for French as well. Try to learn as many words as possible using the dictionary. Development of the vocabulary is crucial regardless of the language you are learning and French is far from being an exception.

Most dictionaries include a grammar section at the back. If you have a doubt, it is always better to double check. You can also use the pocket dictionaries. However, in this case too, you need to ensure the inclusion of a commendable grammar section. There are several dictionaries available online but make sure they are trustworthy.

Consider Getting Help

Everybody is certainly not the same when it comes to learning languages. I am certainly not saying that the capability of each student is varied, I am just saying that while some students have an easier time with languages, others do not have such an easy time. Some students need the expertise of a tutor to help them through the process. If you think you could learn better getting the help of a tutor, do not hesitate and get in touch with a tutor as soon as possible.

Learn the Syntax

Grammar is said to be a terrifying part of the French language. It is not always easy to memorize the list of tenses and verbs. This is one of the most significant reasons the learners tend to give up. However, this need not be the case always. Let me assure you, French grammar is not that complicated. You just need to follow a set of rules.

· Avoid gender usage as much as you can

· Befriend the regular verbs

· Learn the pronouns

Remember that there is nothing called a wrong way when it comes to learning new languages. Mistakes are a part and parcel of life. There is nothing wrong in it. You can use this link to know more of French grammar. You can consider getting the help of a tutor while you learn French grammar. Learning grammar is the easiest when someone speaks to you, giving you a lot of examples. Always remember that there is little need to understand everything at the very first attempt. It is alright to take some time and this is advisable as well, provided you accrue the advantages of it.

Avoid Translating

You must have heard that it is better to think in the language you are learning rather than trying to think in a different language and then translate it. This may appear difficult at first but you would soon get used to it. Always remember that the best way to learn a new language is practice, practice and more practice. The more you practice, the better and more efficient would you be in learning the language.


If you can, consider paying a visit to a French speaking country. Traveling has a significant role to play in helping you learn a foreign language. You certainly can use the dictionaries and converse with your teachers and friends, but nothing can equal the experience that you would have by traveling to a foreign destination.

Repeat your Lesson

Repetition is crucial regardless of the language you are learning. Always remember that if you do not repeat your lesson, you are bound to forget them. Make sure you are not just concentrating to learn the new things, but revise the old things as well. This way, you won’t risk forgetfulness. For each hour you are spending in learning the new things, consider spending an hour revising the old lessons.

Avoid being a Perfectionist or Lazy to Speak French

It is not easy to express your feelings and thoughts so easily in a foreign language. You need to give that time. If you are too cautious or conscious, you would end up speaking too little and without practicing properly, you will find it really tough to learn this language. You can’t afford to be careless but you can’t be too attentive either to the grammatical details while you are speaking.

Last but not the least, make sure to be as disciplined as possible while you are learning a new language. Take the classes seriously, do homework and try using your language skills as much as you can outside the classroom.