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Freelance Writing vs Blogging; Which is better ?


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Most of you know what is blogging and for those who didn’t know, It is creating content online through your blogs. Bloggers are those who manage and write at blogs in simpler terms. Though a blogger is more than that, it is just the basic definition.

Freelance writing is creating content online for another person. For example, you create or write blog posts for another blog. It is again a diverse field and I just gave you the basic definition.
Let’s see the pros and cons of each of them. Lets first take a look at Freelance Writing.

Freelance Writing


1. In Freelance writing you don’t have a blog to maintain, so you need not worry about maintaining a blog and dealing with all the technical aspects.

2. The initial investment is far less than in blogging

3. You need not worry about traffic, visitors or any other tangible data.

4. You don’t wait for advertisements to make money. You get paid for what you write and you start making money right away unlike blogging where you need to wait for some time before you are rewarded.


1. You are unknown to the end reader Though how much good you write, you might not be recognised, if the publisher doesn’t use your name.


2. You don’t have a brand identity. You are just another freelance writer and you don’t have a personal or brand influence on the general public.




1. If your blog becomes successful, you have a great brand name, which will feed you for years to come.

2. You are recognised and respected in the blogosphere, if you create a wonderful blog.


1. You’ll have to learn a lot more stuff than mere writing, you need to take care of the technical side of your side including the backend. A few people might consider it a pro, but a larger part of the pie would consider it a con.

2. It would take some time before you make any kind of decent money. So blogging is not for you, if making money is your immediate preference.

So, we saw the pros and cons of both major content creating opportunities online. What you choose is generally based on your priorities.
In my experience I’ve seen both successful Freelance writers and bloggers, both chose their own path based on their needs and considerations.

So, choose what you like to do and what suits you the best, give your best in anything that you do, and you can surely be successful.
If you’ve any ideas or suggestions or doubts do let us know through the comment section.

About the Author – Pankaj is a freelance writer who writes about Gadgets, Tutorials Windows at his Technology blog, Teech World.