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Four Top Reasons to Pursue a Career in Nursing

Finding your ideal career can be an incredibly complex process. You want to find a job that is fulfilling and offers great pay with benefits. Earning respect for your career of choice is often important and you may want to feel that you are giving back to the community. For many people, the ideal career is found in nursing. Nurses work in a variety of different healthcare professions as well and make lucrative pay. Included here are a few reasons you may want to pursue a career in nursing.

Job Security

With an aging population, the demand for nurses continues to increase. Many medical clinics are understaffed and this demand is expected to continue rising through 2020. For this reason, you are almost guaranteed a job if you pursue nursing and you will have great job security. Knowing that the opportunity and variety of positions available will only continue growing is wonderful incentive to pursue a career in this field.

Great Pay

Depending on the specialty you go into, you can make an incredible amount of money working as a nurse. The average nurse earns more than $52,000 a year, and that value only increases with experience. Because some specialties earn more money than others, you could be making upwards of $70,000 easily!

Unconventional Hours

For some, working the 9-5 grind is their ideal work schedule. However, many other people would prefer to bust out a couple 12 or 16 hour shifts and enjoy more days off. Most nurses enjoy incredible flexibility in their work hours, so they can decide how long they want to work in different fields and days. For people who like to work hard and play hard, working a 3-4 day week and having more time off could be ideal!

Give Back

For many people, dissatisfaction with their job arises because they don’t find a sense of fulfillment with the work they are doing. Many individuals may think they are not doing enough to help the community or feel like their time spent working is wasted. Fortunately, nurses do not have to face that problem. The work that nurses do is invaluable to the community and individuals as they work to improve quality of lives as well as ease pain.

For patients, their interaction with their nurse is often far more frequent than with the doctor, so they are able to build relationships and trust. Being the initial point of contact for many patients, the nurse is able to assess a patient as they feel better or worse and intervene as appropriate. Nursing is incredibly rewarding as the nurse is able to see improvements in patients and feel gratitude for a job well done.

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