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Four Great Hobbies To Start In College

Just because you have a lot of work to do in college doesn’t mean you don’t have time for fun, and hobbies. Instead of partying at the next kegger, you could be doing something a little more creative with your time, like picking up one of the following hobbies. In fact, any of these hobbies could turn into a career for you as well.

Why not explore your options for life while you are in college. You don’t have to just be a doctor or a lawyer, you could be a lawyer that does photography on the side and sells prints on weekends at the local farmer’s market.


Videography and photography can be great hobbies that can often lead to careers. If you are really good with a camera or a video camera you may find yourself filming or shooting weddings, become a senior photo specialist, or simply shooting nature photos for fun. It’s up to you.

If you want to go that extra mile with your skills you can get a drone, and there are some fairly cheap ones out there, and use it for your photo shooting and video taping. Attach a gopro and you’ll have a nifty machine that can get great aerial views as well.


Acting is a great hobby to pick up in high school and take with you to college, or you can start in college if you have a knack for memorizing lines and acting like someone else. You may not end up a famous actor or actress, but you’ll have fun and make creative friends.

Playing Music

You could pick up an instrument. You might be able to find affordable classes, whether you want to learn guitar or piano, or you want to hone your singing voice. Once you know how to play, or sing, you could start a band.

You may not become the next Death Cab For Cutie, but you might have some fun playing keggers at college, and could go on to play gigs at nightclubs or weddings.


If you have something to say, or some great life experiences, consider picking up writing as a hobby. It’s probably one of the cheapest hobbies to have, since all you need is something creative to write. Start out blogging, or maybe writing articles for the school paper.

You could extend into becoming a book author, in print or online. Start with an idea, and look into the best options for publishing. You could go traditional and send out your manuscript, weeding through rejection letters, or you could simply self-publish. You could publish online only, or have books in print and sell them locally through flea markets or at local stores.