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How to get followers on Vine?

If you are reading this because you are interested logically Vine grow and reach more people but … I’m sorry to disappoint you get followers! Vine is not something magical or arising from nothing requires effort, enthusiasm and excitement! (Whenever you choose the legal route, course).

  1. Choose your profile picture!

The truth is that it seems absurd, but have a nice, crisp avatar is key when it comes to give a good image to the public, so do yourself a good selfie and get to work to increase Vine followers!.

  1. Biography

The biography is as important as the profile picture of you. Here you should put as essential your location (your province). You can also take advantage of the bio for the name you have in other more frequent social networks. It is important to have movement in them.

  1. Think about the content and quality and not quantity

Worry in creating vines whose content is good. A good vine reaches more people than fifteen bad, so if you have ideas, seeks to exploit to the fullest and not to climb up things. Quantity ? Quality. (Understood by “bad”, a vine engraved bad, look bad, not listen …)

  1. Participates in hastags

Vine, like Twitter, used to group Vines hastags to talk about the same topic. So if you have an idea and climb a vine according to the hashtag being used, you have the ability to reach more people.


  1. Audio

The sound on the vines is essential. Take care of your audio Vines ensuring that no noise, well understand that everything you say and vocalizing. (Not much complication.

  1. Image

The image is the key to a Vine worth or not worth so watch the lighting of the place where you record and see that it will look good (approach).

  1. Edition

Can not you edit? Do you do too badly? Do you leave undesirable margins in the videos? If you do not know or use the Paint, you meet a lot to this advice: Do not upload edited videos! View a bad edited video is quite painful and not to say anything if I came over the boards do not meet 4 and 5 (absolute disaster). If you want to upload videos edited, it is not a bad thing but learn to do first of all. He will say a lot about you as Viner, who presents a clean and flawless video editing.

  1. RV x Rv?

The famous ‘revine by revine’. Surely many you sound but for those who do not know what this is, is simple. It is a type of ‘covenant’ between two Viners (or more) in which they agree to be mutually revine well, grow followers. Man is a technique, yes, of course, but not something that is rewarding ‘legally’ your effort, so I gave not the ‘rv x rv’ and win yourself with your content the revine of people without any stupid agreement through.

  1. Do not be concerned when you relate with other Viners.

There is nothing to explain at this point, you should imagine what it’s about yourself. Buying vine followers is not a bad idea for increasing the follower in a quick time. You just need to be careful on choosing the right service provider. It’s not so easy to pick up the right service for your social promotion. A good idea is read reviews about the social media promotion providers.

  1. Do not steal tweets.

If you want to be creative, the road is not stealing the idea from someone else. It is very common Vines stolen jokes but more common is to see that these Viners not recognize that they are stolen in the description of the Vine itself. Do not do the same. If you think of ways on how to be a tweet, put in the title:  Inspired by a tweet / joke, you will have the double merit the Vine and you!

Vine entertainment

And finally, do not lose the desire to do what you like. If you like to shoot video and make people laugh or just show your skills, DO! Respect others and do not offend other people either in your content or commenting on other people’s content. At the end of the Vine is an entertainment tool so doing not obsess and not get you down if you do not get the results you expect.