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Flurry of Online Business Start-ups

Everyday we come across advertisements of online business startups either on print media or web media. Most of the times we just pass by it, ignoring its importancein our daily lives. Though number of its users are increasing but in a proportion lesser to the number of its viewers. One of its major reason is reliability. We think that it is right to take time out of our busy schedule to buy things at higher prices or to have lack of knowledge about a particular thing, but not ready to do it online, though, in the back of our mind we know that it is a lot easier task.

There is an utter need to move away from this orthodox thinking and let the horizon of our thoughts be widened a little more. Solution of all our problems are just a click away with startups like Grofers, Housing, Collegedunia etc.

Talk about Grofers – we all know that it is anonline shopping store of all the household items- from vegetables, fruits to the crunchy munchies, from the bathroom cleaner to cosmetics- everything is there. Isn’t it wonderful, just a click and all you want is dropped at your home.No need to run to local shops for groceries, your smart phone can help you do that by just downloading the app – Grofers. The long queue at departmental stores, waiting at bill counters, carrying heavy bags to your car and then returning home tired- all this is not going to be your routine from now as you have the best alternative in your hand.

E-commerce is not just limited to this, you can buy new property without even on-site visits, hassles of paper-work, negotiations etc with the help of All listings you will get here is genuine and authentic. Not only can you have the virtual tour of your property but you can also have a look at the nearby amenities. Hostels accommodation, rent of flats, apartments, home loans etc are available on the website. It means that now you don’t need to apply for leaves in your company for buying a property and get reprimanded by your Manager- it’s just a few clicks away from you. You can also download the app for it.

As of now it was about buying groceries or rented rooms, but have you ever thought of getting the information about all the colleges, universities in India –like courses, fees, admission procedure, photos, scholarship etc. on a single platform. Well, this is possible with the advent of a website namely, which not only covers 12,000 colleges from diverse streams but also 7000 courses and more than 200 exams.

It also lets you connect with passed out or current students of colleges who share their personal experiences and give reviews of their colleges. It means that before taking admission in an institute, you have all the details about it. Not only this, ranking of colleges is also provided by a series of survey by Collegedunia team.

It is also coming up with an app soon, so you can search about any course which is offered in a college on your phone without even visiting there. Personal guidance is also provided to students by counselling experts to help them choose the best course, college as it is the hardest decision to make.

Apart from the colleges, the website also focus on entrance exams conducted across the country i.e. what is the pattern of test, how can we prepare for it, which books to refer, how to fill the form or pay the application fee etc.

So, collegedunia is a one stop solution for all your problems related to your career. Therefore, no need to visit every college, just check the website and all the required information is handy.

We cannot deny the importance and role played by companies like these in our day to day life, buying from a pen to a home, from exam preparation to taking admission in college etc. No more going out and looking for things- everything is at your fingertips, this is the sole objective of e-commerce websites.