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Five Things You Can Do To Get Your Art Noticed

Are you a struggling artist or a new artist trying to figure out how to get your art noticed. There are many ways to get your art out there, both online and in your own local area. The first thing you want to do is determine the best outlets for the type of art that you do.

A writer is going to look to local book stores, while a sculptor may want to want to talk to local gardening and decor stores about getting your products noticed locally. Anyone can share their art online, but what online outlets should you use?

Start A Blog

Your very first step should be setting up a website where you can share your work, and your process. You don’t have to have a full blown website though. A blog is a simple and easy start to showing people online what you do and what you have to offer. Once you have enough pieces in your art collection you may want to start a site to sell off of.

Your blog needs to include high quality photos and great content. People don’t just want to see what you created though, they also want to know how and why you did it. While you may run into a person or two that just comes to get ideas from your site, you will also find people that enjoy seeing the process and may even comment on how they wish they could do what you do.

Get On Social Media

Get your art on social media, but don’t just use it to show people your art. You want to make sure you fill your profile out completely so that people can figure out who you are and what you’re about. Make your profile picture a picture of yourself so people can put a face with your art, and a photo of your art as your cover photo.

To be successful on social media you want to share your blog post links, photos of your art, and make sure that you are always responding promptly to questions and comments people leave on your page. Look into sites like DeviantArt, as well, that specialize in artists sales and socializing.

Promote Locally

One of the best ways to get your art noticed is to promote it on a local level. That can mean visiting local art galleries and finding out what you need to do in order to get your art displayed. Check out small local stores that sell items from local artists, crafters and authors.

You can also sign up with a local art club, if you have one in your area. Through them you can find out about different art shows each year where you can set up and sell your wares to all kinds of people.