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Five Things Every Bride Wants Perfect For Her Wedding Day

Weddings are about couples, but brides, and all women know, that weddings are about them. It’s the little girls that dream about growing up and having that dream wedding, whether you want to be a princess walking down the aisle, or you want to get married on a beach in a bathing suit. That is why, for women, there are certain aspects of a wedding that must go off without a hitch.

It’s one thing if there is something wrong with the decorations or you couldn’t find the perfect color for the bridesmaid’s dresses and had to settle for something just a little off. But it’s a whole other thing if other parts have any flaws. Here are some of the things that brides don’t settle for anything less than perfect on their wedding day.

The Makeup

This is your wedding day and you want to look flawless, even when that tear rolls down your eye as you say “I do.” That means finding someone that knows how to professionally do makeup that will make you look perfect, and that will last through that reception. You want to be naturally beautiful, with makeup on, an a pro can do that for you.

The Hair

Wedding day hair needs to be as flawless, and have just as much staying power, as wedding day makeup. Up or down, it needs to stay where it belongs. The bride needs to be able to see, and to be seen.

The Dress

Speaking of being seen, your wedding dress is going to be one thing that everyone is looking at, and you want it to be the dress of your dreams. Don’t settle for anything less. Even if you find one that isn’t exact, or doesn’t fit perfect, you can have it altered to be what you want.

The Cake

The cake is another thing that needs to be absolutely perfect, and if you’ve ever watched wedding movies or shows you know that disaster can strike a cake in no time; from children’s dirty fingers to accidental dropping. It’s up to you if you want your wedding cake to be towering, just make sure you hire someone with experience making and delivering them!

The Vows

If you are going a little off the traditional path and writing your own vows, you’ll want them to perfectly express your feeling for one another. If you’re marrying a man of little words he may need some help coming up with the perfect vows, but that’s OK. There’s nothing long with doing a little researching on penning the perfect wedding vows.

Just because you want your wedding, and especially certain aspects of it, perfect, doesn’t make you a bridezilla. Take your time and make sure you hire all the right people and make it the day you’ve always dreamed of.