Five reasons why you need to try Emirates A380 first class

The Emirates A380 suite is the pinnacle of luxury travel. From $1,000 cognac to caviar and bottomless champagne, a flight in one of the world’s top first-class suites is an experience like nothing else. Here are five reasons why you need to try it out as soon as possible.

  1. You can take a shower at 40,000 feet.

Imagine taking a shower in the sky. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! The Emirates A380 first-class cabin features shower spas for dedicated use by first-class passengers.

The two luxurious shower suites are located at the front of the upper deck, on each side. The shower suites are maintained by a dedicated staff member, whose only job on the flight is to keep them clean. Spacious and sparkling, these onboard bathrooms are a sight to behold.

Each first-class passenger has the opportunity to book in for one 30 minute slot when embarking on the plane. It’s ‘first in, best dibs,’ so you’re encouraged to book in early. Tip: book in a shower for the last hour of the flight so that you arrive refreshed at your destination.

While you’re only entitled to 5 minutes of water, the tap turns on and off easily, so you can stop and start your shower as often as you wish (within your 30-minute block). With underfloor heating and an assortment of luxurious spa products, the Emirates shower spa takes first-class decadence to a whole new level.

2. You can sip on some costly drinks

Emirates has a reputation for spending serious money on its first-class wine list, and it certainly shows. Passengers traveling in first-class can choose to drink bottomless Dom Perignon champagne, back vintage French Bordeaux, and a range of other fine wines. You’ll even get the chance to sample Hennessy Paradis cognac. This fine cognac retails for a $900 bottle, so you won’t want to miss it!

3. You can try the world’s first ‘self-moisturizing’ pajamas

Medium and long haul passengers have gifted a comfortable and stylish set of ‘self-moisturizing’ pajamas. The high-tech material contains microscopic capsules tasked with slowly releasing a sea kelp extract to keep your skin from drying out. The technology lasts for up to ten washes, so lucky travelers can continue to enjoy the benefits when they disembark from the plane.

4. You’ll be gifted a decadent Bvlgari amenity kit

Once you’ve had your shower and put on your Emirates pajamas, you can freshen up with your decadent first-class amenity kit.

Fashioned from soft-grain grey leather, these stylish kits are filled with an assortment of Bvlgari goodies, including a moisturizer, lip balm, and hand cream. You’ll even receive a generously sized bottle of Eau de perfume. There are separate male and female versions of the kit, and the leather pouches come in various shapes and styles.

5. You can access refreshments at the touch of a button

The Emirates A380 first class suite features your very own personal, motorized minibar. Stocked with various nonalcoholic drink options, the minibar is a thoughtful addition to your seat. Best of all, it’s fully motorized, so you can access a bottle of Perrier or soda simply by pressing a button.

Summing up

The items outlined above are just some of the amazing features of the Emirates first-class suite. If you’re yet to experience first-class air travel, we will encourage you to give it a go.

And it’s important to note that Emirates first class isn’t just the rich and famous domain. It can be booked readily using frequent flyer points and miles from loyalty schemes like Emirates Skywards and Qantas Frequent Flyer. You can easily earn a stack of points and miles through a popular frequent flyer credit card.

Are you inspired to try the Emirates A380 first class suite?

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