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When you think of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram itself, you know they help you connect with others and see how they are doing. They are successful at that, but there is another thing they all have in common – teens began to use them, and they exploded in popularity. In the same way, all social networks that are failing are doing so because teens and young people are leaving the platform, due to various factors involved.

Another interesting thing to note is the high engagement levels teen stars have on social media, aside from celebrities of various ages. That is a trend you may not have paid much attention to – but it is true. No matter how much you may want to criticize them (because they may not seem focused on the ‘important’ things like school), the truth remains that there is a lot to learn from them in terms of social media marketing – they have it figured out before most people.

In fact when you examine trends closely, teens have a power of getting greater levels of success compared to a rand that has a massive marketing budget running into millions of dollars. And they do this is the simplest way possible – they only need their phone, and a splash of creativity. Teen stars today are very popular, and they are found through various platforms such as YouTube, even go on to get major sponsorships because of it.

The major question then becomes – what do they know that major branding efforts do not? Here are some of them.

They do not try so hard to sell products or services

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A brand on social media will usually go for the logical step – make sure to market their brand as much as possible, all for the aim of selling their products or services. However, teens do not really go for that, because their mentality is not one that dictates ‘I must sell something today’.

When you have a sales-first mentality, it puts a major filtering on everything you are posting – because you subconsciously think you need to promote your brand in all posts, get every day more Instagram auto followers, and generate leads.

However, a teen will not really care about this mentality when they are producing content. For many of them, it is just a hobby they are doing, or a method of exploring the things they can do to keep themselves busy. Therefore, they will only care about the content they produce, which means their content does not have ‘hidden motives’ or ‘agendas’. They will use social media for its actual purpose, not for marketing stuff first.

They usually take a documenting approach, while brands will take a creation approach

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The most popular brands you know on Instagram all have one thing in common – the content is usually made specifically for their audience on the platform. Because of this, you will include a lot of Instagram contests, custom graphics that promote posts, as well as photo shoots of products.

On the other hand, you get to study the feed of a teen Instagram star, you notice something entirely different – they are simply documenting the things they see, including videos and photos. In other words, they are not forcing themselves to create content for their audience, they are simply documenting what they see and where they are.

That also means the ‘staged’ and ‘perfect’ ways you know of creating content will not have a major place, and this will make your content seem more organic and real. Your audience begins to relate to your content, and it makes them decide to follow.

They work together

One of the major hallmarks of teen stars and young people who are becoming social media influencers is their willingness to work with each other on certain projects or collaborating on content. With every collaboration they make, they are able to gain new followers quickly, in addition to learning new tips and tricks from those they work with. However, many businesses tend to keep all their efforts on marketing in-house, and are not willing to collaborate most of the time.

A teen will usually not collaborate so that they get new followers – rather, they are willing to do it because they want to learn and grow in their skills, and also have the chance to create something unique and fun. In the same way, consider working with other brands even from outside your industry, as they can teach you things and approaches of doing things. In addition, you can also get new followers quickly.

Quick adaptation

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Have you ever experienced some hesitation when choosing a social media platform? It is one of the worst mistakes you can ever do – because the possibilities of your audience changing is very high. The best brands and teens will have the ability to switch up their social media approaches, and reinvent the way they do things.

Even though you may blame their constant changing due to a short attention span, the fact remains that their strategy always seems to work. When you are looking to grow your influence on social media, you should never be afraid to try out new approaches. You will eventually figure out the best approach for your brand as you continue along.

Show your thanks

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You ever notice the most successful brands always thank their followers for following them, especially when they hit certain milestones? All social media influencers will give their appreciation to their audience, such as taking the time to respond to comments, taking the time to make a post or video saying thank you, or having a spontaneous giveaway to thank their followers.

This is a way of appreciating their audience and giving back to them, instead of only thinking of ways their audience can help them.

Final thoughts

Getting your brand growth on social media entails many things, but you cannot just use the usual strategies. When you think like a teen in terms of your strategy, it can boost your engagement statistics much more, and that will help you reinvent yourself.