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Five Creative Design Decisions for a House

According to, a house can be designed in such a way that it is well integrated to perform simple as well as much more complex tasks to ensure comfort in the home. The most practical and efficient way to design the house into a perfect automation is by use of actuator controlled devices. The top five designs in the house include automation of the lighting system, controlling the air conditioning system of the house, feeding of pets in the house at scheduled time with predetermined amount of food, opening the doors of the house and the garage at a voice command and finally automating the entertainment system and the furniture.


Lighting and air-conditioning Automation

A creative design that saves energy in the house is automating the lighting in the house using linear actuators. The system is simple to install and to expand. As a result, upgrading is also more flexible. The lights are built around detectors that can automatically switch on and off when a person enters the room. The sensors are linked to actuators that facilitate movement of the detectors. It is also possible to regulate temperatures and the air supply in the house using actuators that automatically open and close windows and blinders by sensing changes in the temperatures and oxygen levels in the rooms.

Actuator controlled lightsclip_image002

Actuator Controlled Furniture and Feeding of Pets in the House Using Actuators

It is desirable to design a system that moves furniture from one location to another to create space in a house. Automatic entertainment cabinets can be best designed to change the modes of a living room. When there is nobody around the house, actuator systems can be used to feed the pets with predetermined amounts of food. Linear actuators are used to lower the foods to the pets at the command of a button linked to the system wirelessly. A single portion of food can also be set to be dropping from a given point.
















Automatic Pet feeder controlled by actuators in the house

Automatic opening and closing of Doors and Garage

clip_image006Opening garage doors and other house doors can be automated using actuators integrated with motion sensors. It enables people with different abilities to access the rooms at ease. Those on wheelchairs can enter and leave the rooms or the garage at will using specially designed actuator systems without calling for help.



Actuator controlled garage door